January 22, 2010

Bohemian Chic - Love in Nature

One of the most lovely themes for a wedding is bohemian chic. Its is all about combining vintage pieces, which hold memories and giving them new life so they can carry on building memories. Its all about romantic flowing fabrics, simple traditional flowers mixed with natural colors, natural settings and just an all-around feeling of romance in nature!
The first thing to think about for a bohemian chic wedding is the location. It should definitely be outdoors in an unspoiled natural setting. A clearing in a forest, a public park, or even a backyard could all be terrific options. Another idea would be a field alongside a river or overlooking a lake. Avoid places that are too manicured or any that feel like they are too much a part of the modern world (in other words, nothing with a view of a parking lot!).
As with any type of wedding, the bridal attire will help to set the tone. The ideal bohemian chic wedding gown is flowing, feminine, and ethereal. Fabrics such as chiffon or English net would be lovely. Look for styles such as empire waist gowns with handmade fabric flowers or petals. Soft natural colors like pale ivory or a tea-dyed shade of netting would be preferable to a bright dyed white gown. Accent the bridal gown with handcrafted bridal jewelry and a long plain veil. Bridal jewelry that is handcrafted with organically shaped elements such as keshi pearls would be wonderful, as would wedding jewelry in a color such as almond or pale rose.The bride should wear her hair in a natural looking style (which is not to say that it should not be professional styled). For long hair, style the hair into flowing waves, with the front pulled back and the rest worn cascading down over the shoulders. If short hair is more your style, a little pixie haircut would be adorable for a bohemian chic wedding. The best hairpieces will either be wreaths or little bridal headbands.
Flowers will play an important role in creating the desired effect for your wedding. They should definitely be flowers with more of a wild, uncultivated appearance. Wildflowers, flowing ivy, and garden roses would all be beautiful. For the bouquets, think about a loosely gathered arrangement of blooms with long flowing greens. Other additions could include natural elements such as stalks of wheat, berries, and seed pods. Long pretty ribbons in soft colors like mauve and sage will add to the bohemian effect.
The ceremony d├ęcor at a bohemian chic wedding should include some sort of earthy structure to serve as a focal point in lieu of a traditional altar. Imagine something along the lines of an arbor that is handcrafted with sticks and branches. Wind vines and flowers around it for the perfect frame under which to exchange your wedding vows.
A bohemian style wedding can remain chic and stylish while celebrating the natural beauty of nature. It is a terrific inspiration for the wedding design of anyone who has a love of the great outdoors and Mother Nature.

I think this is a lot of fun! I think it is very comforting! It makes me think of the south... It makes me think of my aunt and uncles gorgeous wedding at a plantation in Mississippi. I just love how warming and snuggly it feels! I think this is a great theme for someone who wants to do something really special but doesn't want it to feel like too much! I think it's perfect for the fall but could work nicely in the spring too! I love that they utilized a barn and hung huge curtains at the entrance. I love that place cards are rosemary pots and the rosemary was incorporated at the menu card too. How fun are these wood wedding invitations!
The wedding sign is great too... "Happily Ever After Starts Here..." So sweet! I love the jam jars that they gave as wedding favors - the jars read "Spread the Love" - SOOOOO CUTE! I love the reception setup too! GORGEOUS! I love the table that they setup outside and its so romantic that they hung mason jars from the trees with candles in them. Love the dandelion in a jar with a note that says "Wish!" I would love to have this at the sign-in book and allow guests to write a "wish" to the couple. Adorable! Isn't that bouquet amazing?? That was created by one of my favorite florists in Phoenix - Le Fleur Boutique! Nice work Jane and Laurie! GORGEOUS!!! I love that there is a basket of wraps because the weather was a little chilly and the basket reads, "Please take a shawl and snuggle!" Adorable!
I hope you have enjoyed this week of "theme weddings" as much as I have! I think it was so much fun! It made us all step outside of the box and really just have fun! Until next time...

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