January 20, 2010

"Love is like a Carnival Ride"

Isn't it though... Isn't great love like a Carnival Ride? So much anticipation and then just a rush of adrenaline and happiness! Why not celebration your nuptials with a Carnival...

Now, this theme is so far over the top... I don't even know where to begin except that I AM ABSOLUTELY OBSESSED! Look at this picture! Who wouldn't love this??? It's just so WHIMSICAL!!! I am so excited about it that I have already called a Carnival Ride rental company to see how much it costs to rent carnival rides... I am so convinced that you all are going to love it so much that one of you is going to have a Carnival Wedding! :) There is something about it! Who wouldn't love attending this wedding? You could be SURE your guests would talk about it FOREVER!!!

Ok... Here is the plan! In a perfect world, I would recommend having a morning wedding. Have it small and intimate in a VERY ROMANTIC location and have a brunch after the ceremony. Then, allow your guests to rest and you and the groom to rest cause god knows you haven't rested in weeks... Then, find a great location and set up your Carnival. That evening, have a huge blowout Carnival reception. That way, you can invite all the guests you want to. Have carnival games made or if you are so creatively inclined, make them yourself! We will see what the cost comes back as on the Ferris Wheel... GOSH, I hope it's cheap! I mean, the options with this are endless! I would recommend having an INCREDIBLE band. Maybe a bluegrass band... If you could find a red and white striped carnival tent, I would put that up in the yard... If not, white will work too. You could even erect four tall wood poles and string big light bulbs across the eating area too... That would be GORGEOUS! Then, put super colorful tablecloths on the tables and have wood folding chairs... Then, put your carnival games around the perimeter of the party. Have a cotton candy machine, maybe a funnel cake station, an ice cream cart, maybe some roasted corn on the cob... Sliders and hot dogs... SERIOUSLY!!! This would be the party of the CENTURY!!!

Look at this... This is the epitome of ROMANCE to me! I just love how HAPPY it makes me!!! SO MUCH FUN!

Here is one invitation option. I love this color combination! Red and Aqua... GORGEOUS. I love the admission tickets. So cute!

Here is another one. This one is adorable too!

I love that they used tickets stacked on the center of the tables with a flower pot on top... So adorable! I would definitely recommend putting all your servers in matching outfits and maybe your game / ride attendants in matching outfits too!

Look at this candy station! Adorable! I love the aqua table cloths and the red napkins folded at each place setting. I also love the lollipops! It's the PERFECT wedding favor! I would print adorable little notes that read, "I'm a sucker for a happy ending!" SOOO CUTE!!!

Look at these adorable french fries wrapped in red and white striped paper... I also love the gourmet hot dogs and the yummy mini hamburgers. I would do hamburgers, chicken sandwiches and sloppy joes but make them super deliciously GOURMET! Use gorgonzola cheese or sharp cheddar with the burgers and mozzarella with the chicken... YUMMY!!!

This picture is fantastic! LOVE IT!!

Not sure I recommend live goldfish... Haven't had good experiences with live fish at events but I love the idea of having a balloon artist! The kids would love it! That's honestly the BEST PART of this kind of wedding... It is SOOOOO kid friendly! The kids would be totally entertained which would mean the adults would be having a blast!

This is just so precious!!! I would add a big red bow to the aqua dresses though! Just that little extra touch!!

I love this! Great red shoes that are actually comfortable! And the bouquet of tickets! Adorable!

I would DEFINITELY recommend the sparklers exit for the bride and groom! This is just soooooo romantic and whimsical!

The picture booth is adorable too! Your guests could take home cute pics of each other and a copy could be left for you as a keepsake. Combine them in a photo album and keep them forever to remember your special day! LOVE IT!!!

Another great picture of carnival games... LOVE IT!

Now... I know this is so far OVER THE TOP but seriously??? Isn't this the cutest thing ever? If you are brave enough to have a Carnival Wedding, you are DEFINITELY brave enough to wear this as your wedding dress... SOOOOO FUN!!! So different and memorable! I LOVE IT! Talk about whimsical!!!

Looking back on your childhood, who does not have a memory of a carousel or a ferris wheel??? Such a great memory! Such a great feeling... Just fills me with so much cheer! Why not break the mold of a traditional stuffy wedding and SHOCK the heck out of your guests with this surprise... It would be a night that no one would EVER FORGET! Make the theme, "Love is like a Carnival Ride" or "Come fall in love with us again at a Carnival..." Until next time...

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