January 5, 2010

"The Bride and the Brooch"

The brooch is perhaps one of the oldest types of jewelry. It dates all the way back to the middle ages and was definitely a pillar in the fashion world. It is a piece of jewelry that has stood the test of time and has carried through centuries as a symbol of elegance, status and class. So, I presume that this rich history and glamour is what is currently drawing brides to integrate the brooch into their "wedding look". I am seeing them quite a bit on wedding invitations and then incorporated on the wedding gowns, wedding shoes and wedding bouquets and followed through on the wedding cakes. I just think it is so elegant! I have to tell you... I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!! It's not that often that I see things that I would actually consider using myself someday but this is one of those ideas.
So, today I am going to show you some examples of this...
Let me know what you think!
This is a sample of something I have seen in a wedding invitation that incorporates a brooch... Sooooo beautiful! I love the classic elegance of it! So rich and royal but not overdone at all!
Love this one too! This one is really really fancy but for the right wedding it could be absolutely exquisite! Look at all that detail! It is presented in a silk folder lined in lace and then the invitation is embossed in gold! Just spectacular!

Manolo Blahnik has seriously designed THE PERFECT wedding shoe! This their jeweled satin D'orsay. It is simply adorable! It has been done in many colors and is probably their most popular style. Last year, they did a new version with a big stone instead of the brooch but I think it is their best yet! It's one of those shoes that I am constantly tempted to buy! It went on sale at Christmas this year and do you have any idea how hard it was not to buy it...


NO WORDS... Okay... Maybe just a few! This is incredible! So simple, yet so different and GORGEOUS! The brooch incorporated into the wedding gown! The ribbon could even be just white or ivory - if you wanted to really spice it up you could make the ribbon be chocolate brown or even a color depending on your color palate! WOW!!! PERFECTION!!!

Here are some examples of other ribbon colors with different brooches...

Here, the brooch has been incorporated into the cake. This is ABSOLUTELY gorgeous! So stunning! I love the detail! And, of course, the ribbon color would be determined by the color palate of the wedding... I just love it! TIMELESS!!!

Here's another one... PRECIOUS!!!

Here's some detail of it. This lace cake is AMAZING! They did kind of a cream based fondant cake and then designed lace made out of sugar. Then, wrapped the cake with fondant that is painted to look like double-faced satin ribbon and then attached a brooch to the cake. LOVE IT!

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