January 29, 2010

Cake Balls! Deliciously Addicting!!!

So, today I am going to introduce you to something TRULY AMAZING! Hopefully, most of you haven't heard of these before and this will be just a great new surprise that will become one of those stock recipes that you have and use FOREVER and every time you make them, people will be completely BLOWN AWAY!!!

Are you ready...... CAKE BALLS!!! Pure deliciousness!!!

About a year ago, my friend Jessica Robbins brought these into work one day. She had them at a wedding shower and thought we all needed to experience them! BOY was she right... They were absolutely INCREDIBLE! If you like birthday cake the way I do, they were pure PERFECTION! And they were BEAUTIFUL too!

A cake ball is made by baking a cake (any kind of cake) and leaving it a tiny bit doughy... Don't cook it till its dry! Then, while the cake is still warm, you crumble it up into small pieces and put it in a food processor stirring in frosting (any kind of frosting that will pair well with the flavor of cake mix you have selected) until it is all mixed together. Once this step is done, you melt chocolate (either white, milk or dark chocolate). Then, using a melon baller or small scoop, you will create balls of the cake/frosting mixture. You will then dip the individual balls in the melted chocolate. You can then roll them in nuts, sprinkles, toffee or anything really or you could drizzle them with another type of chocolate and on wax paper to cool. They can be served as a small ball or you can also put a small Popsicle stick into them.

I am telling you... They are ABSOLUTELY delicious!

Robin Ankeny, a friend in Dallas has started her own company making Cake Balls to order, packaging them and shipping them all over the world! Neiman Marcus has even chosen to sell her products. She does a fantastic job of giving customers a great selection of delicious flavors and packages the cake balls beautifully! They are available in several different quantities and to be honest, they are pretty inexpensive for a gift that would make a HUGE IMPACT!

The reason I am blogging about these today... I think they would make a FANTASTIC wedding favor. You could just do even a box of 3-4 per person. How interesting right??? Who doesn't love cake and as I have mentioned a ton already, they are absolutely addictingly delicious! Your guests will love them and tell ALL their friends about the fantastic favor they received at your event! So, check it out! I PROMISE you will not be disappointed!!!

This is Robin's BEAUTIFUL packaging! I am sure if you asked super nice she would even coordinate the ribbon to match your event colors...

This is Chocolate Cake dipped in White Chocolate and drizzled in Chocolate

This is Chocolate Cake dipped in Chocolate drizzled with Chocolate and topped with Toffee Crumbles! YUMMY!!!

This is a Chocolate Cake Dipped in White Chocolate with Orange food coloring and drizzled with White Chocolate. SOOOO CUTE! This could be done in lots of colors too!

This is Red Velvet Cake Dipped in White Chocolate! Great for a Wedding or Baby Shower or a wedding too!

ADORABLE!!! Great for a kids birthday party!!! LOVE THEM!!!

Chocolate Cake dipped in Strawberry Flavored Chocolate! BEAUTIFUL!!!

These are beautiful too!!! So elegant!

Here, they are shown on sticks! Aren't they great???

These are PRECIOUS TOO!!! How fun for Halloween? Maybe package them in a clear box... Or even cute for Thanksgiving?

Here is a more fancy presentation of them on sticks... Great for a wedding! LOVE IT!!!

And... How cute are these??? PRECIOUS!!!

Here's another one! These are each different and are shown with Cupcakes!

So... Cake Balls! What do you think??? Order some or if you are feeling creative, make them yourself! They are NOT hard... You will absolutely love them! Until next time...

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