February 4, 2010

It's a Circus Party - Time to "Clown" Around!!!

I just figured with all the GREAT feedback on the Mickey and Minnie Birthday Celebration post from Monday, I would go ahead and continue posting this week about fun and exciting ideas for children's birthday parties... So, today we are going to look at a Circus Themed Birthday Party. My boyfriend Joe came home Monday night talking about Animal Crackers and it became my inspiration for this post... I guess he had some at the office as a little treat and just hearing him talk about them brought back so many fun memories of my childhood. So, I found lots of great ideas for hosting a SUPER FUN Circus Party for your little "clowns..."

Doesn't this box of cookies just make you sooooo happy???

Look at all of this! Isn't it adorable? The invitation is precious! Love the little tickets too! You could dress your little "Clown" in an adorable Polka Dot and Striped costume... The little carnival game booths are adorable too! Love the old fashioned bags of cotton candy and peanuts too! The balloon arch is TOTALLY ACCEPTABLE in this application. Any other time, you KNOW I would say a HECK NO to the balloon arch!!! :) The little popcorn is actually cupcakes! WOW! ADORABLE!!! Love the snow cones too! And, apparently you can rent a Carousel shaped Bounce House! LOVE IT!!! The fresh lemonade with cute cups is great too! And those take home gifts are precious too! This is just all soooooo fun! I love it!

This one is great too! I love the clown on stilts! He is fantastic!!! Not a SCARY CLOWN!!! The balloon artist is great too! That cake is PHENOMENAL!!! LOVE IT!!! I also love that they set up games! So cute!!! So simple and so much fun for the kids... The clown cookies are pretty darn cute too! Also, something so simple but makes a HUGE statement!

This is fantastic too! I love the animal crackers boxes as take home gifts that have adorable personalized labels on them thanking the kids for coming to the party! That is so precious! Anyone could do that! Also, the old fashioned bags of popcorn and the peanuts are great too! The clown pinatas are cute too! Also, the little photo booth with the polka dot background and the red foam clown noses is THE BEST! I love that! Parents love to be able to take pictures home of their kids and this is a great fun and interactive way to do it...

I thought this was a SUPER CUTE more modern approach for a Circus Themed party invitation! OF COURSE, I LOVE LOVE LOVE this! I love anything different and modern and this is just tooooo cute! I love the Polaroid pictures of the little boy holding a big red balloon! This would be so fun and so easy to do! And wow! When people got them, they would LOVE THEM! Just had to share...

Isn't this a fantastic Circus tent? If you lived somewhere that had a park or somewhere where you have a big big yard, this would be AWESOME!!! SOOOOO COOL!!!!

A Circus Party! I love it! I think this would be another event that kids would love but adults would have a great time too! And again, we all know that's SUPER important! Until next time...

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