April 19, 2010

A Pretty Way to Heat a Party... FINALLY!!!

HELLO FRIENDS!!!! WOW! That was a SERIOUS hiatus! I am soooo sorry! I dove into a project three weeks ago that was probably (ok... not probably...) TOTALLY more than I could handle. I ended up having to completely train myself in something that was WWWAAAAYYYY beyond what I thought I was capable of! But, the good news is the final product was INCREDIBLE! Thank you for your patience... I really mean it!
For years, I have been trying to come up with some sort of way to "disguise" ugly, eye sore, industrial and completely impersonal and un-pretty heaters... I always need them at events and they are just BAD!!! I mean BAD! Lots of rental companies have come up with ways to wrap them with linens to hide the terrible sight of them but I know its all still there!
Until today... I was meeting with a client and she told me that she attended an event in Oxnard, CA this past weekend and saw the COOLEST heaters she'd ever seen! She, of course, took pictures and pulled out her digital camera to share with me! OHHHHH THE WORLD IS SAVED!!! Today, I share with you....

The Kindle Glow

YAY!! YAY!!! YAY!!!! YAY!!!!!
Isn't it sooo pretty!!! The Kindle Glow makes such a strong first impression -- modern, playful, irreverent -- you almost need to ask twice: That's a space heater? Yes, it is.

David Tannenbaum, managing director of L.A.-based Kindle Living, says the idea originated from party rental customers, including brides who wanted to keep guests warm but hated the industrial look of typical heaters. Now, as more yards are being turned into round-the-clock outdoor living spaces, the company sees a market for outdoor heaters with the visual appeal of indoor furnishings.

Kindle's composite shell can stand up to high temperatures, and the shade "canopies" heat better than traditional heaters, Tannenbaum says. The piece recently won a Good Design Award from the Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design. Not only do Kindle’s provide heat, but some models also serve as as a lamp too! It is available in several colors for purchase and in black and white for rental.

At this point, I don't think they are available from many rental companies. Classic Party Rentals has them available in their California territories but just wait...

I am sure they will be available everywhere soon.

Don't you love it??? I am trying to get more info on these from the manufacturer so stay tuned... I just think they are so fun and finally such a breath of fresh air - or a beautiful way to stay warm! WHOO HOO!!! Thank you Kindle Glow....

Until next time...

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