June 27, 2011

Creating an EXPERIENCE!!! ...even if it's just a delivery!

So... earlier this month, I attended a Wedding Summit called Engage 2011! It was honestly one of the most inspiring conferences I have ever attended. There is much more to come on my experience at Engage 2011 but while I was there, I made a commitment to myself and to my business. I set goals for my business and for myself personally and will definitely share those with you but one of the biggest promises I made to myself was that I was going to take Oh, Sugar! Event Design + Paperie to the next level in EVERY WAY POSSIBLE...

Since I got back, sooooooo many great things have happened! More to come on this too... I PROMISE! I made a commitment that whenever something was being delivered to a client, whether it was a contract, an invoice, a custom paper order etc, it would be delivered in a way that was truly special! 

Today, I had to deliver several projects to one of my MOST SPECIAL clients. It was lots of little things and one item that was really important to her! I didn't want to just put it in an envelope. And, I definitely didn't want to just put it in a box... So, I utilized one of my "signature" items... The Brown Paper Shopping Bag! Might sound like a silly thing to you but I use them all the time for events! TRUST ME! They are extremely cost effective and recyclable! It doesn't get any better than that. Now, don't worry! I ALWAYS dress them up!!! I will order custom stamps for events to make them personal and for a delivery, I always print a "Special Delivery" tag for them! The signature part is that I fold over the top and put a big bow through the bag! My clients seem to love it... They always say that it was so unexpected but soooooo cute and SUCH A GREAT IDEA!!! Also, the items inside the bag are wrapped up with ribbon and the invoice is ALWAYS tied with a BIG PINK BOW!!!

Here is a photo of all the contents included in today's "Special Delivery!"

This is her Custom Designed Wedding Album, her scanned, edited and retouched photos on a CD, 10 copies of her custom DVD montage I designed for her of her wedding photos set to music and, of course, her invoice tied with a big pink bow... 

And... This is what it looked like sitting on her front porch step when she got home! She LOVED IT! I mean, wouldn't you be surprised??? It's all about the EXPERIENCE! It's all about the presentation... It's all about the FEELING!!! Going out of your way to make your clients feel special!!! Because, in the end, isn't that why we do this? Isn't this why we love our jobs? Isn't this what makes it all worth while... Well... I can ASSURE you... It's COMPLETELY what DRIVES ME! It's what I LIVE FOR!!! Until next time...

... Because everything REALLY is better with a little SUGAR!!!

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