June 24, 2011

{ Heart Shaped } Cupcakes

Happy Happy Friday!!! Well... It's June 24th and here in Phoenix, it feels like we have already jumped straight into the heat of summer! For the last two days, it has been 113 degrees! YUCK YUCK YUCK!!! So, with the BUMMER of SUMMER, let's do something fun! And really, what is better than HEART SHAPED CUPCAKES!!!

In my weekly blog reading, I came across this great idea and just thought I would share it. Of course, much to my husband's dismay, I do love a great "shaped" cupcake pan but I just LOVE LOVE LOVE that you can create heart-shaped cupcakes in a traditional pan with simply a MARBLE!!!

These are just TOOOOOO CUTE!!!! I love them! I am thinking I might make some this weekend with hopes that they will cheer up our SUMMER BLUES! 

Or... I'll hold onto this recipe for Valentine's Day!!! 

Anyways, it's a silly thing but it makes me smile... So, I had to share it with y'all! Have a FABULOUS FRIDAY and a FANTASTIC weekend!!! 

Because everything REALLY is better with a little SUGAR...

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