January 7, 2010

CARNATIONS!!! - Trust me on this one!!!

Okay… You’d better not be turning your nose up right now? I KNOW! I KNOW! I have to admit that I have NOT been on “Team Carnation” for very long! I always saw them as a cheap flower that lacked luster! It was a flower that was available for purchase at any local grocery store or gas station wrapped in cellophane and surrounded with THE WORST – Baby’s Breath! UGH! If a guy sent me carnations back in the day you can bet we NEVER went out again! But, SERIOUSLY, the carnation has made a HUGE comeback in my book! Now, this strong hatred I used to have was TOTALLY my fault only because I never saw the POSSIBILITIES of what the carnation was capable of. Never in a million years did I dream I would see the carnation in the applications I am going to show you below… This long-lasting flower is full of possibilities for weddings. The ruffled-heads look offers an inexpensive way to bring lushness and color to bouquets and arrangements. When massed, they also make a pretty bouquet of their own.
The history of the carnation is LONG! They were used to make ceremonial crowns in ancient Greece. They were also kept on hand at the wedding of the Emperor of Mexico (1864 – 67). The flower has been known to symbolize marital bliss. Now, who does not dream of marital bliss??? I know I definitely do! There are more than 300 species of carnations. They are available with large heads, single blooms and miniature varieties. The price for carnations is extremely low and they are available year-round in a WIDE variety of colors…

So, before you turn up your nose, take a look below at some INCREDIBLE applications I found online for the very simply yet classic CARNATION!

Look at this GORGEOUS giant white carnation ball that has been set atop a very sleek and modern black candle stand... Then, the same candle stands have been adorned with white pillar candles and intermixed with the carnations... SIMPLY GORGEOUS!!!

These clustered carnation balls are beautiful too! They used three shades of pink! LOVE IT!

The monotone carnation bunch in the fuchsia pink is stunning! So modern! This arrangement was set in a chocolate brown wax vase. LOVE THESE!!!

This black, white and yellow combination is incredible! My friend Stephanie is doing Yellow, White, Grey and Black for her May 2010 wedding in Dallas. She wants to utilize lemons in her centerpieces but how great would it be to do a tall glass cylinder full of lemons and then top it with a big yellow carnation ball! Stephanie, I think you should consider something like this for your wedding too! WOW!!! What a statement with the black, white and yellow!

These are a bit more traditional but I love them too! VERY ELEGANT and RICH! You could pick a color like a pale pink, a peach, a light yellow or even all white! Place the carnations in either a silver, gold, white or crystal container and WOW! You have quite an elegant event. The great thing about carnations too is that they are great in both day and evening events. They transition really nicely!

This is ADORABLE for a wedding reception or even a backyard baby or wedding shower. LOVE IT!!! You can hang these on metal stakes, hang them off the back of chairs, hang them in trees, etc.

Ok... I know! This might be a little too much but I just had to show it to you! They covered a Table in Carnations and made it look like a linen of solid carnations. WOW!!! Then, incorporated carnations into the cake. I think it is really pretty!

This was the sign-in book for this wedding. It was a GIANT carnation ball! Guests wrote a note on a pre-cut card and then pinned it to the carnation ball. I think its really cute and so different! I love it when people come up with things that are out of the norm... It's such a breath of fresh air!

How about these? Say you are having a party in your backyard or even a wedding and you have a pool or a fountain. HUGE carnation balls that look like beach balls! GENIUS!!! I absolutely LOVE this! I am totally going to use this in the spring and summer! EVERYONE that attended the party would be talking about it! INCREDIBLE!!!
So, have you changed your mind about carnations? If not, I urge you to at least consider changing your mind. They really are great! I promise! I am the ABSOLUTE toughest critic and I am totally converted! Carnations are a really inexpensive flower that with the right application can be absolutely amazing! They are also extremely long lasting! They live for almost 2 weeks with water. I am using them at a 40th birthday party that I am doing for my boyfriend Joe. Don't worry... I will post pictures next week! Just give them a chance... I promise you will not be disappointed!

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