January 8, 2010

Small Cakes - SUPER cute and SUPER sweet!!!

So, today my project was to find a SUPER CUTE small wedding cake for my client. She is having a small wedding and does not need the giant mega-cake that most brides want. She is looking for something "VERY SWEET!" Those were her words to me. "I just want something that when people see it, they think its the sweetest cake they have ever seen." Well, when I started looking, I had no idea how cute small cakes could be! I now LOVE SMALL CAKES!
In lieu of a centerpiece, how fun would it be to have a small cake on every table and then have the bride and groom come to each table and cut the cake with the guests seated at that table... For a brunch wedding, this would be absolutely darling!
These little cakes are really popular right now! I am seeing them EVERYWHERE! I pulled the best I could find and just thought I would share them with you. Maybe it will bring some cheer to your weekend!

This fondant little cake with a giant pink sugar flower is precious! You could use lots of different colors for this and could even change the flower to something else if you didn't like the peony...

This is really sweet too!

This style is really popular right now - the diamond circle is a really HOT pattern. You are seeing it in fabrics for furniture, clothing and all sorts of other things. Looks great just piped on an iced butter cream cake or even could be piped in a different color for an added POP!

This is really really elegant! The colors could be changed out but this kind of taupe and white with silver is really stunning!

Love the simplicity of this! It just makes me happy!
Makes me think of a BEAUTIFUL spring day!

This one is really interesting! It almost looks like they painted a henna design onto the cake with icing. It is really pretty!

This is ABSOLUTELY PRECIOUS! I love it!!! So dainty!!!

This is really darling too! So delicate!!!

I love this too! This cake features the pleated fondant. There will be an entire post dedicated to the pleated fondant later on. This is a HUGE trend right now and I think it is spectacular! SOOOOO ELEGANT!!! I have lots of pictures to share with you on this so more to come...
So... Good things do come in small packages! These little cakes are just too adorable! They make me happy! Hopefully, my bride will fall in love with one of these... I am sure she will because they are just "so sweet!"

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