January 26, 2010

Cheers to some FUN new Signature Cocktails!!!

A "Signature Cocktail" is a fantastic way to add another personal touch to your wedding! It creates something for guests to talk about and definitely to remember your wedding by. It should be a cocktail that is reflective of you as a couple. Oftentimes, the bride will have a signature cocktail and so will the groom. This will appeal to both the men and women in attendance. I typically like to print really cute signs to place in frames at the bar so that guests can read the ingredients and get excited...

The options of signature cocktails are endless... I recommend doing some research online and picking a few that sound interesting and then taking a few evenings to try them out. It's a lot of fun and is a great activity to include the groom in... You know how the sometimes feel left out! The "alcohol portion" of the wedding planning is a GREAT place to include them! They actually enjoy that portion of it!

So, raise your glasses... And let's toast to some GREAT signature cocktails!

Pink Lemonade Granita Cocktail - Love that this features crushed ice... There is an amazing sour cherry cocktail at the new Modern Steak in Scottsdale, AZ that would be sooooo good too!

Any variation on the Mojito is great too! This is a Pink Grapefruit Mojito... Love the presentation in a wood box garnished with a mint leaf and a little flag with a cute little note attached...

This is a Cheeky Rose Cocktail! This is really really elegant! I love that it's garnished with fresh rosemary... Great for the spring but could be spectacular for a winter wedding too!

Now... I am NOT a girl who likes BLUE cocktails but I had to put one down... Blue Beach Lemonade... Probably the most acceptable blue cocktail out there!

This is known as the Apple Pie! This could be great anytime but how fun would it be for a summer wedding.... Maybe even a fourth of July wedding with a flag in it...

Of course we need a beachy cocktail with an umbrella in it! This drink is a tropical punch... Could be a million things but adorn a cocktail with an umbrella and guests are BOUND to have FUN!!!

The Champagne Cocktail... A timeless signature piece! Almost as good as a strand of pearls!!! Add any fruit (raspberries, blackberries, strawberries, blueberries) and it is just gorgeous and delicious!

Now... for the real thrill seekers... The Cucumber Cooler! This features sake! How fun is this???

And for the men in the crowd... How about a Ginger Mint Cocktail... This cocktail has an unexpected punch, one that is warmly welcomed by fans of spicy, full-flavored concoctions, and is sure to surprise everyone.

Of course... There's always the fantastic Mint Julep! A true southern classic! Gotta love it!

While in Aruba this past year, my boyfriend Joe discovered the "Dark and Stormy." It's a cocktail that combines Gosslin's Black Seal Rum and a Ginger Beer and is garnished with a lime! It has a spice but was still extremely refreshing! This is sure to be a crowd pleaser for all the men! And it's nice because it's something different... And, different is GOOD!

These are fun too but I particularly love the Cherry Limeade! Who doesn't have fond memories of a Sonic Drive-Thru Cherry Limeade! Add alcohol to it and you have a true WINNER!

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