January 27, 2010

A Picnic Wedding - Sooooooo Cute!

I am currently working on a wedding in Willmington, North Carolina and am leaving tomorrow for the planning meeting. This couple is SUPER CUTE and is doing a really fun low-key wedding in the most GORGEOUS month in NC - MAY! She is really wanting to do something fun and out of the ordinary and is trying to be cost-conscious too! So, I have been doing research for quite a while trying to come up with something really GREAT for her! I think I have found some really fun things for her to consider this weekend... Just thought it might be fun to share them with you! When she was describing what she wanted, she said the wedding was going to be in their very luscious backyard, they wanted games and they wanted it to be really laid back!

So... I thought how fun and unexpected would it be to do a "Picnic Wedding..." So, that is what I am presenting her with tomorrow. I am thinking great blankets and pillows on the lawn - one for each couple or family... The guests will sit for the ceremony on the blankets and pillows... Once the wedding ceremony is over, the guests will move to the front yard for butler passed hors d'oeuvres... They will be similar to the ones I showed you yesterday. Fresh and organic!!! Then, guests will move back to the backyard where they will find picnic baskets with gourmet food items in them on their assigned blankets! There will be a beverage station with all sorts of juices, teas, lemonades and of course some great cocktails - all served in mason jars!

There will be lawn games setup in another area of the yard. There will also be a FANTASTIC photo booth setup with great and fun props with a clothsline hung for guests to post their pictures!

Of course, there will be a delicious sweets table... Not sure if she will want to do a wedding cake or if I will be able to sway her to do assorted fresh homemade pies... I LOVE THAT!!!

Isn't this precious??? I just LOVE IT!

Here are the many packaging options I am presenting her for the food presentation! They are all sooooooo fun!!!

These are the options I am giving her for flowers... She really wanted the wildflower look so I think she will love these!

Here are some fun options for beverages! They are all great, right??? I do these at events A LOT! They are so much fun and people just love how pretty they are!

Here are some examples of the games we will have setup. So much fun!!!

So.... We will see if she likes it. I am pretty confident that it will be a hit! The guests would love it for sure!!! Seriously.... How fun would this be! Willmington is the perfect setting for it and I think it will be great! Until next time...

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  1. I thought I was the only one with this crazy idea.... for us is our second wedding for each so we just want a relax wedding no dresscodes... sandals and shorts!