January 18, 2010

Reviving Versailles - "A Marie Antoinette Wedding"

A few weeks ago, we talked about having a "theme" for a wedding to set the scene, create an ambiance and a look for all the decor and many touches needed to bring it all to life. When I talked about this, it was merely for me as a designer to have something to cling to and was not really meant to mean your wedding has to have a "theme" per se... However, I do think "theme weddings" are a lot of fun! So, this week we are going to look at 5 different wedding themes! Now, let me just say... If you are going to have a true "theme" for your wedding, it better be WWWWAAAAAYYYYY OVER THE TOP! You'd better really knock it out of the park or else... It could just be down right WEIRD! So, this week we are going to take it ALL THE WAY! I am going to show you some really fun ideas... Now, I know lots of you will think it is way too much but just try to have fun with it...

Today, we are Reviving Versailles with a "Marie Antoinette Wedding." A lavish, once-in-a-lifetime party, dripping in fab frocks, luxurious linens, towering florals and diamonds? YES! I AM IN!!! I have put together two story boards for you today that feature GORGEOUS Marie Antoinette looks... For the color palate, we will focus on the immense range of neutrals on the pastel end of the wheel for our base: porcelain, biscuit, pale pink, peach, oyster, pearl. We will accent with frothy, feminine colors that aren’t oversaturated: salmon, dusty rose, coffee, celadon.

For the linens, we will use silky damasks in two or more layers along with lace... MY FAVORITE! The other must-haves: feathers (look at vintage shoe clips, hair embellishments, fans, centerpieces, boutonnieres, bouquet collars). Chunky, vintage-style jewelry (chandelier earrings, sparkling chokers). Satin ribbons for lovely necks, bouquet wraps and stationery. Roses and peonies in your rich neutral palette (above).

Gold chargers, luxury napkins folded into fleur-de-lis, silk fans opened on a plate with a handwritten guest tag woven between the spokes, rose topiaries on the tables, corded or braided edging in ivory or gold, letter pressed gold monograms, parasols, satin bows, gloves and ruffles. Oh... COME ON! It's gorgeous!!! You know it is!!!

Seriously... Look at this! WOW! It is gorgeous!!! I absolutely love this wedding dress!!! I would definitely put a large diamond brooch on the satin ribbon wrap... And some great chandelier earrings! A silk ivory linen on the table with a lace overlay and gold china! FOR SURE! Look at this cake! WOW!!! Can you imagine???

Ok.... This I LOVE TOO! WOW!!! So much pink but it is fantastic! I love the dress with the little accent of pink and the adorable Christian Louboutin pink platform pumps! This cake is EVEN MORE spectacular! OH MY GOSH!!! And box up the little pink macaroons... ADORABLE and sooooo glamorous!
And now... FOR THE BIG FINISH!!! So, if you are going to have a wedding of this caliber - YOU HAVE TO HAVE ONE HECK OF A LOCATION! And... That location has been found!!! I came across this place in my research and it BLEW ME AWAY!!! The Los Angeles Theatre! WOW! WOW! WOW!!! I didn't even know this place existed!!! It is SPECTACULAR!!! Apparently, it is not in the best neighborhood but the cost to rent it is really really low. And what a statement! Take a look...

This is the lobby and if it were me, I would do the ceremony here! I would set all the chairs at the base of the stairs and have the bride cascade down the stairs in her GORGEOUS gown! Talk about some INCREDIBLE pictures! It would be absolutely STUNNING!!!

Here is the view from a distance!

UGH!!! This takes my breath away! WOW!!! Here comes the bride!!! HERE COMES THE TEARS!!!

This is the grand staircase into the ballroom! The ballroom would be the location for the reception! AMAZING!!! Just imagine all those gorgeous linens and flowers in this room... What a sight...

The ballroom! WOW! Look at the original wood floors! AMAZING! All those gorgeous pastels in there... Lots of candlelight! I just can't imagine how gorgeous this would be!

So... are you convinced that Reviving Versailles is a great idea... I SURE AM! I had lots of fun with this one... And, how excited was I to find the Los Angeles Theatre... UNBELIEVABLE!!! Until next time...

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