January 15, 2010

Pink and Navy

Well... It seems this week has been the week for road blocks to get in my way to blog... Friday, I had all my pictures loaded to blog about and got home Friday night to write and my Internet connection was down! BUMMER!!!! So, it is finally back up and running and I have been dreaming "Pink and Navy" since Friday! I have had so much fun with this one... There were lots of great ideas out there for Pink and Navy and I did the blog a little different today. I put together three story boards of my own that feature "Pink and Navy." I think they are lots of fun and will definitely cheer you up and make you smile! Pink is my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE COLOR and I love all of these!!! Hope you will too!!!

Here is Look # 1. Love the Christian Louboutin platform peep toe slingback. So cute! The flowergirl dress is pretty adorable too! I found a great pink and navy striped bag too that would be a fantastic welcome bag for your out of town guests. It is available at Callie Baby - www.calliebaby.com and is priced really well at $23.00. You could have it embroidered or just create a cute little tag to attach for your guests. LOVE IT! I would use the navy lamour linen and use the fuchsia linen as an accent or maybe an overlay. Maybe just napkins... Keep this look all just really simple and elegant! So fun!!!

Okay... I love this! This is so much fun for a spring or summer wedding. Use the navy linen as your floor length linen and put the navy polka dot runner on top of it. Then use the fuchsia napkin tied with a great navy ribbon... Pass Sofia Champagne in the can with pink straws and try and find a navy and white polka dot tray. ADORABLE! Dress your groom and groomsmen in khaki or navy suits and use a navy polka dot tie for the groom and maybe try and find pink and white polka dot ties for the groomsmen. The flowergirl and bridesmaids dresses are AWESOME!!!! RIGHT??? The bridesmaids dresses are from J Crew! Again, isn't it great that they have such fun things??? Have them carry really simple white flowers??? Love how these kind of play into the polka dot theme... I would wrap them in fuchsia pink double faced satin ribbon! And this invitation is great too! Lots of fun! And how about that pink and navy personalize stamp?? AMAZING CAKE!!! So cute!

This is a great look too! I would use the navy and white striped floor length linen with fuchsia napkins and fruitwood chivari chairs with fuchsia chair pads. So pretty! Put an amazing fuchsia floral arrangement on the tables... Dress your groomsmen and groom in a great navy pinstripe suit! They will all look soooo dapper! And accent with a great pink striped tie! Dress your bridesmaids in either solid navy or solid fuchsia and carry a multi-toned pink bouquet wrapped in navy double-faced satin ribbon! I personally would put a GREAT pink shoe with it too! Keep your invitation simple! Love this one shown! I would do it in a navy envelope and line it in a great pink print and have the calligraphy written in white. It will be stunning! On your cake, do some great pink and white ribbon with a 3" navy ribbon border underneath and accent your cake table with a pink and navy candy station! So cute!!!
So, has this brightened your day! I know it has brightened mine! Nothing makes me happier than the color pink! I have seen it a lot with either brown or black but I REALLY LIKE IT with navy. I just think it adds a whole new fun angle on a color that is just sooooo happy! It would be great for a spring or summer wedding in a very lush environment. Great for a backyard wedding or a wedding at the beach...
So, this is the end of our journey through "5 Days of Color!" I hope you enjoyed seeing some new things and that there were some ideas that really caught your eye! It's so fun to find new ideas and I hope that with each season I can bring you some new ideas for color combinations! Until next time...

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