February 26, 2010

Because you touched my "Sole..."

I am a TOTAL sucker for sweet, sentimental and heartfelt things... And whenever I come across something that I think is really special, I tuck it away in a very special place to use for special things... One of my bride's recently asked her bridesmaids to sign the bottom of the new shoes she had gotten for her wedding day. She had them sign in permanent marker so their names wouldn't fade over time... It was soooo touching! I am sure many of you have seen this but I wanted to share it with you today! I think it is a fantastic idea!!!

This bride had her and her new husband's first initial embossed with blue rhinestones... This was her "Something Blue!" Soooo cute! And, when she knelt down at the altar for her wedding mass, her guests could see the initials... It was ADORABLE!!!
I have also seen this where it reads, "I DO!" PRECIOUS!!!

Make sure you have some heartfelt and sentimental touches to your wedding day... It makes it so special and when you look back you will remember the special moment! Until next time...

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