February 24, 2010


Today, we were putting together a "Shot List" for a wedding I am working on and the bride was insistent that there is a great shot taken of their wedding rings. I know this is traditional but she has requested that the shot be NON-TRADITIONAL! She wants something SUPER FUN that reflects their personal style! I have seen these kinds of shots before and I ALWAYS love them... I am a HUGE fan of photo's that make you FEEL something as opposed to photo's that just make you see something. So, I challenge you to ask your photographer to "Shoot from the Heart!" Make sure you are giving your photographer a clear description of how you want your wedding shot because you can't go back and do it again... This is a one-time opportunity! And, of course, you want them to be PERFECT and to clearly show your relationship as a couple... Here are some really fun examples...

Of course being the TOTAL girly girl that I am, this one is my favorite! I even use these pink curlers on occasion! Isn't that a great vintage ring too... This picture says A LOT to me!

I love this too! So pretty and elegant but still has that modern twist shot on a rustic plank!

Ohhh... How sweet it is! I love this!!! This would be adorable set in those pretty pink and white candy hearts too!

"I'm Hooked!!!" That's all I can say to how SYMBOLIC this is!!!

Aren't these fun??? Make sure you get some really FUN shots on your special day... One's you can look back at and just SMILE! They will mean so much to you! I promise!!! Until next time...

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