February 4, 2010

It's a Jungle out there!!!

It's a JUNGLE out there!!! How fun would a Jungle Themed Children's Party be... I have to tell you... Piecing these items together is pretty hard! There is not a whole lot of SUPER CUTE stuff out there for kids! It is pretty cheesy! If you are a SUPER COOL and TRENDY mom like all the amazing mom's I know out there, you have GOT to be frustrated! I am seriously putting myself on a mission to find cute kids birthday stuff that doesn't cost an ARM and a LEG!!! UGH!!!

I did the best I could with the Jungle Stuff! There were some really cute things and talk about some incredible cakes!!!

I love the jungle masks and the hats! Jungle Grub - who knew... How cute!!! How about the Lion Pinata! PRECIOUS! I love the project of the kids making jungle paper bag puppets. You can get all these little parts at Michael's or Hobby Lobby or you can probably order them online. Look at those Jungle Sippy Cups! TOO CUTE!

In Phoenix, we have the Arizona Wildlife Zoo! This would be the perfect location for your Jungle Party! Soooo fun! I haven't been but I have heard great things about it. There's always the Phoenix Zoo! I am pretty sure you can even have a sleepover party at the Phoenix Zoo... How fun would that be...

Look at these cakes! WOW! I am SUPER IMPRESSED with the Jungle Cakes! WOW!!!

And will you look at these costumes? Obviously this would be for a little brother or a little sister... But, I guess you could have a Jungle Party for a 1 or 2 year old at home... These were just too darn cute not to share! OOOOOHHHH! I just want to squeeze them up!

My thought on the sandwiches was to have jungle sandwiches... If the party was at the zoo, you could do really precious boxed lunches with the sandwiches cut out. You could do this at home too! Just such an easy thing and its just too precious!!!

I like the idea of the Jungle Party! It's darling! And really could be appropriate with girls or boys! So, you could lean on Dora the Explorer, Bindi the Jungle Girl or even Madagascar, Over the Hedge or even the Lion King! Too Cute! I promise tomorrow's children's party will be INCREDIBLY GIRLY!!! Tea Party or a Princess Party or something...

Until next time...

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