February 15, 2010

Let the Sunshine In!!!

Over the weekend, while trying to nurse my sick boyfriend back to feeling good, I FINALLY sat down and looked through THE GIANT stack of mail order catalogs I have been accruing. I can assure you THERE WERE A LOT!!! I often find inspirations in them but I like to look at them all at once. After just looking at the Saks, Nordstrom, Neimans and J Crew catalogs, I knew there was going to be a HUGE trend in fashion for spring and summer - YELLOW!!! It's everywhere!!! I ran over to Macy's on Saturday and seriously it really was! Sooooo many yellow tops and dresses! Now, yellow is quite the tough color to wear. I am pretty fair and have SUPER DARK hair so I look like a blank canvas when I put it on. But, I LOVE IT! It makes me so happy! In fact, in high school, my bedroom was painted BRIGHT CANARY YELLOW! Sorry Dad!!! I think it took like 8 coats of yellow to get it just right. But, let me tell you... I attribute some of the development of my sunny, happy and smiley personality to that yellow room! There was absolutely NO WAY I could EVER wake up in a bad mood in that room. For this very reason, I think Yellow is a FANTASTIC color for weddings. It is just soooooo happy and cheery! And who is not happy or cheery at their wedding! It's so fresh and vibrant! So, I decided that today I was going to show some great ideas for yellow weddings! I am actually working with a bride in Dallas right now who is getting married May 1, 2010 and her colors are yellow and grey! You will see some ideas that we are using for her wedding in these! So... This one's for you Stephanie! I am getting so excited for you and Dan!!!

The yellow dahlia's are GORGEOUS! Just find a great white or black vase for them and they will be stunning. I also love the yellow and white paper flowers on the top left! We are trying to figure out a way to make these cover the ceremony room for Stephanie's Brunch Wedding in May... Still working on that Steph... :) The fresh lemonade and the Limoncello is a FANTASTIC favor! I would tie a black and white bow around it too! And the lemon with the little attached note... "So that when life brings you lemons... You can make lemonade!" Too cute! And the cake is great too! I love the yellow bridesmaids dresses too! How about that church with the yellow door... Pretty cool right?

Ok... This shoe takes the cake! WOW!! And that wedding dress! LOVE IT!!! FANTASTIC! I love the cake... The table options are great too! I would definitely alternate looks on each table. Do half in black linens with the yellow and white flowers and the other half in yellow linens with black and white flowers... Wrap some of the vases in damask and/or black and white fabrics... I love that invitation too! The black and white polka dot converse with yellow laces would be ADORABLE for the ring bearer! And definitely depart from your wedding in an old school yellow taxi!

Here are some great ideas for yellow invitations! There aren't a whole lot of cool options out there in yellow invitations so good luck with that one... I would probably recommend doing a black and white invitation and then find a great yellow liner for your envelopes or incorporate a great yellow ribbon on the invitation...

So, YELLOW! What do you think? I really love it and it has made me in SUCH A GREAT mood looking for all of these ideas... HAPPY MONDAY and HAPPY YELLOW!!! Until next time...

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  1. Love it! You saw my mish-mash of yellow and gray. I hope you like it and I know you can help me make it work! -Steph