February 16, 2010

"How Sweet it is..."

I am working with a client right now that is hosting her son's Rehearsal Dinner in April and is looking to do a really fun dessert station. So, today I was inspired to find some REALLY FUN dessert stations... I know that all of you fell in love with the "Candy Station" that became so incredibly popular about 3 years ago. EVERYONE had a candy station... They were soooooo predictable! I could almost say the words to my clients before they ever even asked for them... They were all the same. They were candies found in the colors of the wedding or maybe candies from their generation. I have to be honest... I got REALLY sick of them for the longest time! I just hate predictability! No one ever did anything FUN with them... That is until AMY ATLAS came along.

Amy Atlas is probably the most sought-after event planner in New York City for AMAZING dessert tables. From a very young age, Amy was entertaining for friends and family. By the time she reached college, she had perfected her talent for her signature dessert tables. She is QUITE a talent! Whenever you google "dessert tables" or "candy stations," her incredible designs dominate the search results! It's pretty simple what she does... She keeps the tables super clean, super cute and SUPER CREATIVE! She is soooooooo my kind of girl! I absolutely love her! She NEVER ceases to amaze me with the things she comes up with! So, even though the "candy station" has been sooooo overdone, Amy's creation will be accepted and will live on forever as an essential part of a celebration as long as they are "Atlas Style."


So, this one's for you Patti! Maybe we can find some great inspiration here for the Rehearsal Dinner! Let's put our thinking caps on to come up with something that will be jaw-dropping! I am ready!!!

This is by far my favorite dessert table Amy has created! It is just soooo much fun! So vibrant and cheery!!!

For those of you that love fuchsia and brown... This is gorgeous!!! I love that she used scrapbooking paper under the chocolates on the plates! So simple yet makes such a statement!!!

Ok... This isn't Amy but I thought it was great! What guest wouldn't love this!!! Roll these delicious treats out just after the cake or maybe just before the event ends... Put a great little frame on the tray that says, "Thank you for sharing this special moment with us... Sweet Dreams!"

This one is great too! I love all the different elements in it... The flowers, the great containers and cakes stands!

Ok... This is great too! They hung a really great fabric swag behind the table... You can find fabrics like this with great prints at IKEA. They have awesome fabrics... Also, on http://www.etsy.com/! Check it out...

This white and ivory look is great too! Soooooo elegant! This would be great for a bridal shower!

How about the chocolate and strawberry milk shooters... LOVE IT!

Love the cotton candy too!

This is beautiful too!

Another Amy Atlas creation.... She is incredible, right???

Ok.... So, of course I still love the candy station / dessert station! It takes me back to my childhood and I really do think it is soooo much fun for all in attendance. I honestly have seen the adults having more fun making candy bags than the kids even do... But try and step out of the box in what you are doing. Please don't let it be predictable! Come up with something great for the guests to put their candy in instead of a tacky cellophane bag. Or at least make the cellophane bag interesting! Until next time...

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