February 10, 2010

Valentine's Flowers - Let's Try Something NEW!!!

Well... we are now 5 days away from the BIG DAY! Have you ordered your special someone flowers yet? If you have, when you spoke to the florist on the phone, did your order sound something like this... "Yes, I would like to order flowers for Valentine's Day. I would like the "Hugs and Kisses" arrangement. For the card, can you just write "Happy Valentine's Day - I love you!" If it sounded ANYTHING remotely like this... STOP RIGHT WHERE YOU ARE! Please do yourself justice and KEEP READING...
Valentine's flowers are supposed to be something special! Not something you feel an obligation to buy because it's Valentine's Day... God knows you are spending an arm and a leg for them because of this holiday.... Shouldn't you at least get something cool and that will make your special someone actually feel SPECIAL and that you put some time and effort into picking and ordering them... YES! The answer is YES!!! Did you know that when you call to order flowers you can actually design them yourself... What a novel concept... I KNOW! I recommend taking the time to do some research online or even try to find an inspiring picture in a magazine... Veranda, House Beautiful, Metropolitan Home or any of the other great design magazines will have GORGEOUS flowers you can get inspiration from. Once you have found something, you can scan the picture or simply take it into the florist and ask them to copy it. Your recipient will love the story of how you designed the flowers and it will definitely make them feel extra special...
If you are talking to a florist who is NOT open to this, HANG UP THE PHONE IMMEDIATELY! Remember, you are the customer and they should be happy to have your business! I always send pictures to the florist... I guess I like to have a part in designing what I am sending someone... I have been working a Le Fleur Boutique for over a year now and I have to tell you... I am ABSOLUTELY THRILLED to have found them! They are ALWAYS so willing to accommodate any request I throw at them and they NEVER let me down... They just continue to impress me... They do all sorts of things from weddings, to social events, to trunk shows at Neimans and Saks to just every day flowers. We actually get flowers delivered from them once a week and our clients are constantly asking who they were provided by...
So, today I am pushing you out of that "boring flowers" box you are hiding in and DARING you to take a leap... BRANCH OUT PEOPLE!!! Send gorgeous flowers... Jane and Laurie at Le Fleur Boutique are ready to help! If you haven't ordered flowers for Valentine's Day or you HAVE and you need to rethink your selection (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE...) please give them a call. You can design your own, you can give them the freedom to design for you (you can be assured that you will be impressed) or you can ask for one of the arrangements shown below... They will be happy to accommodate any request you have! I found several arrangements that I thought were fantastic and then have shown some of the work that Le Fleur Boutique has done over the past year... You will love them! I promise!!!
Aren't these lavender flowers GORGEOUS??? I mean, they are so simple but absolutely beautiful. Sometimes, all an arrangement needs is a FANTASTIC vase. So, branch out! Ask for something in a colored or frosted vase... Stay away from the boring glass cylinder or squares... PLEASE!!! I promise you... You will not be disappointed!

Ok... This is INCREDIBLE! If I received flowers like this, I can guarantee you MY JAW WOULD HIT THE GROUND! And, the recipient can reuse that vase for SOOOO many things! I LOVE THIS!!! Obviously, this vase probably can't be recreated but I am sure you could find something close... It is a trifle and they have them everywhere! I have seen really cute ones at Target with patterns but honestly, how adorable would it be to get a glass one and fill it with pink and green jelly beans or maybe precious valentine hearts... ADORABLE!!! Plus, this arrangement features Hyacinth! This might be one of the BEST fragrant flowers EVER! I have them in my office and you can smell them from a long distance away. It's not overpowering though... Very fresh, crisp and clean... LOVE IT!

How precious are these little ranunculus... They are placed in a pale pink rectangle vase and are absolutely charming!!!! I love them! Again, so simple but so chic!!!

And these too... See what a difference a vase makes! Just a simple cylinder colored vase! LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!!! Any valentine would be just beside herself to receive these...

Now, if you are looking for the ULTIMATE in beauty, style and class - YOU SEND A BOUQUET OF PEONIES!!! My absolute MOST FAVORITE flower! They are just sooooooooo gorgeous!!! So elegant and rich! Le Fleur added pink orchids to this arrangement but Peonies are a stand-alone flower too... They are one of those flowers that doesn't need a partner in a vase! They look absolutely stunning all on their own. I like this for something a little different but really just had to share with you HOW GORGEOUS the peony is....

This is an arrangement that Le Fleur is featuring for Valentine's Day! They have had a great response for it and it really is adorable! If your Valentine is a bit more modern but still likes a classic look - this is PERFECT! Love the pops of color...

If your Valentine is a bit more traditional but still likes the modern side, this arrangement set in a chocolate brown wax cylinder filled with pink hydrangeas would be perfect! I love this! I have actually used this from Le Fleur before... I had the arrangements done in green but pink is much more appropriate for Valentine's day... I love this too!

And if your Valentine is more fun and spunky, why not surprise her with this purple and chartreuse arrangement? Le Fleur did this for an event and it was a TOTAL HIT! Love the color... So cool!!!

This is absolutely TIMELESS! Oh... This is fantastic! How beautiful right? It makes me think of a gorgeous Ballerina... RIGHT??? Just so elegant and poised... Great Job Jane and Laurie... This would also be absolutely gorgeous for Valentine's Day...

So, are you ready to call and send that someone special some flowers that are sure to make them smile... I guarantee MAJOR BROWNIE POINTS for effort! Any of these arrangements would be a show-stopper FOR SURE! Branch out of that BORING flower arrangement box you have been hiding in... You will not be sorry! And neither will your recipient... I PROMISE!!!
To order flowers, contact: Le Fleur Boutique
Jane and Laurie
*** When ordering, please mention that Simply Social referred you!!!
Until next time...


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