March 23, 2010


I have a client that is looking for a DIY "Jeweled" box for Place Cards... She is really wanting to find a great box and put jewels on the outside and then down into the box for her guests place cards. I have seen a few things but really like this application! It is soooo pretty! I am going to try and find a white lacquered box and add rhinestones and pearls to that instead only because it will work better with what she is doing but isn't this fun...

It is going to be soooo pretty with her pearl white silk linens and her GORGEOUS place cards!

We are going to do lots of crystals on the tables too along with gorgeous white flowers and lots of candles. Did I mention there is a GIANT chandelier hanging above the place card table??? It's going to be ABSOLUTELY PERFECT!!!

Promise we will use better crystals... But at least this gives you the idea!
Until next time... BE JEWELED!!!

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