March 22, 2010

Antique Pots - An Investment for your FOREVER FAIRYTALE!

Are you planning to have a wedding that features an Antique Flair, maybe a bit of a vintage garden look or just want something other than a glass cylinder or square shaped vase?
Maybe you should consider making an investment for your new "married life" home and use them for your wedding flowers as well... Consider it... On average, the cost for a vase for a wedding centerpiece or ceremony floral arrangement can cost from $15.00 and go all the way into the hundreds... YIKES!!! If you are going to spend that kind of money, why not spend it on something you can keep and use forever... You could use some for floral arrangements inside the house, maybe some on your front or back patio, some in your garden... You get the picture right... Find something the two of you love and invest! You will be so glad you did! Think about it... Every time you see that vase, you will be reminded of your wedding!
So... Where do you find these little gems you might be asking... Well, there are lots of places! For instance, these fabulous antique cups came from antiques dealer & garden guru Ani Antreasyan. Ani, owner of Ani Ancient Stone, is an excellent "shopper," who travels endlessly to find the "perfect" thing!!! She found these cups at an antique shop in the oldest neighborhood in Istanbul. The Uzbekistani owner, who specializes in tribal antiques, told her he had found them at a flea market in Kazakhstan. He said they had been used for festivals and ceremonies. Each cup is unique, with a different pattern etched into the metal. They make stunning small vases, and a collection of them would look wonderful down the center of a dinner table ... Aren't they GORGEOUS??? I just LOVE THEM! And I can totally visualize them in the following applications for a wedding:

1. Down the aisle filled with GORGEOUS flowers

2. Along a Stone Wall behind a ceremony site filled with flowers

3. Along a walkway to your reception location filled with flowers

4. On tables as unique and beautiful centerpieces

The options are endless... I just think they are so much fun and seriously you would have them forever! So, don't limit yourself! INVESTIGATE! Any florist would be happy to use vases that you give to them for your floral arrangements! Until next time... Happy Antiquing...

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