March 31, 2010

Jenny Yoo - WHOO HOO!!!

So, I thought I would just make it a week of FANTASTIC bridesmaids dress designers since I had so much fun on Monday checking out Lynn Lugo! Another favorite of mine is Miss Jenny Yoo! Her designs never cease to amaze me!!! I JUST LOVE THEM ALL!
A little history on Jenny...
Jenny Yoo hails from a small town outside of Philadelphia. She attended the prestigious Parsons School of Design in New York City and received her bachelors degree in Fashion Design. She is the founder and designer of Jenny Yoo Collection, Inc., a highly successful and rapidly growing company within the bridal industry.

Ok... So, I have to say that I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this dress! I am not super sure of the color but I think the style of the dress is F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S!!!! I think it is sooo elegant and would be an absolute show stopper! Pair it with a fantastic pair of platform peep-toe pumps that match the dress and BANG! You have a TOTAL HIT!!!

This is really really pretty too! I just love how simple it is!!!

This is the dress above shown in a different color!

This is GORGEOUS! I love the sweetheart neckline! This would be soooo flattering and I can promise your bridesmaids would love it too!

This too! I love this color too! It's pink but it is sooooo soft and so feminine!

This is really great for a long dress! I even like the color! Though, I think it really washes people out!

Something about this is interesting to me too! The back is GORGEOUS! I couldn't get a picture of it but trust me! It's gorgeous!!!

Love this too for a long one! The waist features a wrap around sash and ties in a big bow in the back. It is really versatile and super cute!!!

Ok... This is soooo ELEGANT!!! I LOVE IT! I love the little lace shrug!!!

This one is GORGEOUS too!!! I love it in brown with the little lace trim and the little lace shrug!!! This is just sooo timeless!!! I LOVE IT!!!

This is really sweet too!

And this... WOW! This color is pretty loud but you could tone it down. The style is BEAUTIFUL!!!! I love the tied bow at the back!!!

Isn't Jenny Yoo GREAT??? It is soooo hard to find great bridesmaids gowns and she really has hit it out of the park. While parusing on her website today pulling off my favorite designs, I read her bio. She actually started as a designer for Ann Taylor! INTERESTING right??? Well Jenny... I am glad you left Ann Taylor and went out on your own because the world of "Bridesmaids Dresses" is MUCH BETTER OFF having you as a designer! WE LOVE YOU JENNY YOO!!!

For more info about Jenny Yoo and for a listing of stores where her collection is available, visit her website at:

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