March 2, 2010

OMG - A GREAT Tuesday find...

So, I was trying to come up with something SUPER CUTE and SUPER EASY for table numbers and menu descriptions today. And I TOTALLY FOUND THE GREATEST THING!!! IKEA has the cutest white standing frames that are not only ADORABLE but they are DOUBLE-SIDED and SUPER CHEAP! When I saw these, I got soooo excited! Melissa and Pete, I am soooo sorry they didn't have these for Aruba - yours were precious too!!! :)
Anyways, these frames stand vertically on a darling little base and are double-sided. You print the info you want in the frame and just slide it right in... There are soooooo many things you could do with these! I am planning to buy a BUNCH of them and just keep them. I can interchange the inserts for WHATEVER I might need. Honestly, you could even paint them if you wanted them to be something other than white...
The ABSOLUTE BEST PART about these...
THEY ARE $0.99 cents each!!!

Aren't they soooo cute!!!

SERIOUSLY!!! I LOVE THEM!!!! I am sooooo excited!
PS. Stephanie - these would be AWESOME for you!!!

What do you think??? Do you like them? If not, well I just don't even know what to say! I absolutely LOVE IT when I find great little things like this! It TOTALLY made my day! I just ordered 50!!! WHOO HOO!!!
Until next time...

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