March 9, 2010

Red Carpet Wedding Inspirations

I've missed you all!!! I left Friday morning for a long weekend in San Diego and just got home last night! We had a GREAT TIME but I missed my daily blogging! Going to have to take the laptop with me next time and blog on the road... Just not the same without it! I hope you all had a nice Oscar Weekend! As we sat and watched the Oscars in all its grandeur, I KNEW as soon as I got home that I HAD to blog about the dresses! It happens EVERY YEAR! The Oscars come around and bridal gown designs find themselves mimicking the stars!!! Who doesn't want to look "award winning" on their wedding day...


So, what did you all think? Were there dresses that you found inspirational? Did you see designs and think, "WOW! That would look great in white or ivory!" I SURE DID!!! Here are some of my favorites from the Red Carpet! I would love to hear your list of "winners" and "losers!"

Miley is wearing a beautiful Jenny Packham gown.
This would make a STUNNING wedding gown! WOW!!!

Cameron wore a gorgeous glittery Oscar de la Renta gown! I think this would too! It's soooo interesting... I love the color but I think if it were ivory it would be EVEN MORE SPECTACULAR!

I also loved the pretty Elie Saab dress Rachel McAdams wore! This shape is pretty popular right now in a solid color but I think the watercolor print was stunning.

This too... Amanda Seyfried in Armani... WOW!!! What a gorgeous gown! Seriously... Don't you think this would be jaw-dropping on a bride!!!

J Lo's Georgio Armani gown was SPECTACULAR TOO! This would make an incredible bridal gown just as it is right now... LOVE IT!!!

Zoe Saldana's Givenchy gown is UNBELIEVABLE!!! This is being seen in bridal fashions now in white and ivory... A LOT! As a matter of fact, Molly who married Jason Mesnik on Saturday 2/27/10 wore a dress with a really similar skirt... It was beautiful!

Oh.... Sandra looked AMAZING in Marchesa! WOW!!!

Chanel... You have done it again!!! This haute couture gown on Sarah Jessica Parker is GORGEOUS! I think this would be an amazing bridal gown! SERIOUSLY!!! Consider it!!!!

Until next time...

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