March 10, 2010

"Taking the Stage..."

So, I came across this wedding today being featured and I just HAD to share it with you! It is sooooo much fun! This wedding was coordinated by Eunice with Hello!Lucky - she's the Creative Director. Well... That's obvious!!! She is INCREDIBLE! Eunice of course went crazy with the wedding crafting - including the invites, dress, stage (STAGE!) and loads of handmade details. She had tons of help from her sister/maid of honor/Hello!Lucky co-founder Sabrina and a bunch of super talented friends, especially Because We Can, who built the stage and all sorts of fun props. Take a look... You will LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!!

Her dress was made by Iain Harris Barlett, a friend who also runs their London office. Amazing, right... There are a few more shots further down. It’s pretty much epic. Oh and the venue is Wilbur Hot Springs in Northern California. Very magical!!!

Sooooo much fun! Look at the fun "parade" the guests made to the wedding reception!


Check out this ceremony stage... Isn't it Amazing!!!

Created and Designed by Because We Can.

Colors are so lovely. As is the Tim Walker inspired parade leading to the ceremony. Because We Can made the shadow puppets, and Eunice and crew hand painted and edged each in gold.

And a vintage photo booth from Magnolia Photobooth Company with all sorts of amazing hats and crowns and props.

Look at all those adorable hats and props!!! I LOVE IT!!!

Beautiful photography from Gia Canali with Sara Remington.
You can see tons more photos and all sorts of behind the scenes stuff on The Bride’s Guide and a full list of all vendors at Hello Lucky.
Isn't this soooooo much fun! I love ALL of it!!! What do you think??? Do you all like the stage? Why couldn't you do this? Your guests would be soooo surprised! Think about it... Isn't your wedding kind of "THE SHOW" of a lifetime!!! I sure think so!
Until next time...

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