March 16, 2010

Rose Petals dripping in Crystals...

For weeks now, I have been agonizing over trying to come up with something really FANTASTIC for a wedding I am working on. They have a HUGE tree that they are going to be married in front of and want to adorn the tree with something beautiful. Of course, they could use lanterns or crystals but I really wanted to come up with something DIFFERENT!
Well... Today, I FOUND IT!
Rose Petals strung that are literally dripping with crystals! Isn't this soooo cool? And let me just tell you... This is INCREDIBLY affordable! This is something that could be DIY! YES!!! Even you could do this... I know all of you have strung popcorn for a Christmas tree or done something similar to this... I just think this is soooooo cool! And you could use any color roses are available in. And people, of course, will be sitting there taking in EVERY WORD of your beautiful wedding ceremony but I can PROMISE YOU, they will be wondering what it is that is hung from the tree... I would probably make them a little longer but either way they are GORGEOUS!

What do you think???

Of course I would probably hang crystal strands too...
I would alternate the lengths for sure!!!

Just soooooooo elegant!!!

So, what do you think??? If you paired this with a heavy layer of matching rose petals down the aisle, I really do think this would be jaw-dropping! Who doesn't love anything dripping in crystals? It's just gorgeous! Success! YAY!!! I am so glad she LOVED IT! She was so excited that she was going to have something at her wedding she'd never seen before!

Until next time...

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