March 15, 2010

Who doesn't love a PINK CHAIR!!!

Happy Monday to YOU! It is an ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL day in Phoenix!!! The high today was 76 degrees! Doesn't get any prettier than that! So, when I saw these ADORABLE new chairs from on of my favorite rental companies - Signature Events - I knew I had to share them with you! Aren't they precious??? This is their fantastic white table too! And see that white tufted sofa in the back corner, yep!! Theirs too! They SERIOUSLY have the best rental furniture! It's pretty pricey but worth EVERY PENNY!!! Take a look...

This is just soooo much fun! I love it! It would be great for a wedding if you are brave but EVEN BETTER for a BEAUTIFUL bridal shower!

Soooo fun!!!

Paired with matching pink chargers and gold flatware!

Isn't it precious with the turquoise and pink china... I LOVE IT!!! Modern yet traditional!! Probably my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE mix!


Happy Monday everyone!!! Let's have a fantastic week!!! Until next time...

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