July 29, 2010

SoleMates... OMG!!! They are AWESOME!!!

Sooooo... last week I was thumbing through the most recent issue of an Australian Wedding Magazine that I subscribe to and they had an ad for "SoleMates." Maybe one of the greatest inventions EVER!!! Don’t you just hate it when you get all pretty for an event and slip on your cutest pair of heels only to arrive to an event where you have to walk in the grass... YIKES!!! Your GORGEOUS heels sink into the grass? Or get stuck in a grate? Scraped up on cobblestones? Well... let me just tell you... SoleMates are here to SAVE THE DAY!!!

These handy little rubber guards slip over the tip of your heel and distribute the weight better giving you more sure footing. They really do work!!! It's amazing!!! They are sold in pairs and available in clear and black. Also, if you order them in bulk, you get a discount. Why not order a large quantity and put them in a cute little glass container on your sign-in table at your wedding... Your guests would think you are THE COOLEST bride EVER! I am totally ordering these for my wedding as the ceremony requires some grass walking and also some cobblestone walking! I LOVE THEM!!!

SoleMates are the must have accessory for any bride getting married outside - and don't forget your bridesmaids! Wear the SoleMates High Heeler® on grass, cobblestones, grates, and more...

No more discomfort, no more damage. The SoleMates High Heeler will revolutionize your high heel wearing experience! Discreet and easy to use, the SoleMates High Heeler attaches easily to most stiletto and kitten heels. By increasing the surface area on the base of the heel, it reduces the pressure on this area and prevents the heel from sinking into grass or falling into cracks!The patented design of the SoleMates High Heeler is mechanically engineered to fit snugly on most heels and yet the flexible material grips securely without damaging the heel or compromising the aesthetics of the shoe.

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