August 19, 2010

Design your own COUTURE Shoes...

Ok... So, in my research today I came across SUCH a cute idea that I just had to share it with you... I have to give full credit to Green Wedding Shoes for the idea but it was just too cute not to share. DIY Couture Shoes... Why haven't I tried this before... I am such a HUGE shoe lover and especially love it when shoes are adorned with bows or ribbon. So, to me, this is GENIUS!!!

I am going to do this to my shoes for the fall! How cute would this be with jeans or a precious little dress with a cardigan! I am in!!!

Also, if you are looking for a cute way to dress up your boring white or ivory wedding shoes, use this! This could act as your "Something Blue..." Or even just add a pop of color. If your dress is long, no one will really even see it. You could just have your photographer snap a couple of cute pics of them and it can be your little show off secret under your dress... Make it representative of you! Mine would DEFINITELY be PINK PINK PINK!!! Try yellow, green, red, or a great printed fabric if you are soooooo bold...

Like I said, this is just a really cute idea to bring your shoes that are lifeless to a FABULOUS FLIRTY new life...

Are you a DIY Queen???? Ready and willing to "Do It Yourself" for that extra little pizazz!!! Well... if so, today I’m sharing how you can make your own couture wedding shoes – and the best part is they are really easy to make! You will need some comfortable shoes to start You will also need some nylon fishing line and some silk chiffon fabric in the color and/or pattern of your choice! Make sure you buy at least a yard so you have extra... If you really feeling SPICY, take the extra fabric and hem the edges for a simply precious couture scarf to accent your precious shoes!!!

Simply cut two pieces of fabric. 15″ x 13″ in length.
Then, fold the fabric in an accordion style with the 15″ length longest.

Take the fabric and tie a lose knot around the front of the shoe.
This is why it’s important to use a shoe the has a narrow middle part in the front.

Next, cut four pieces of fishing line about 30″ long. Then push one side in so there is a nice small bump and wrap the fishing line around where my fingers are below. Tie in a knot on the underside so you won’t see it. Wrap the fishing line around again and knot again.

Do that again so you have two small sections on each side.
And then repeat on the other side.

Once you have the first shoe done, go ahead and repeat on your second shoe.
Once you have your shoes done, trim the ends so they match each other in length.

And there you go!!!
Pretty shoes for your wedding day – easy to create and if you get tired of them, you can easily take off the fabric and use a different fabric! Aren't they PRECIOUS??? I just LOVE THEM! Plus, pretty feet are HAPPY FEET!!!
Until next time...

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