August 26, 2010

The Perfect Pair - Couture Love Birds!!!

So... today I was on the hunt for the PERFECT cake topper! I have blogged about others but specifically today was looking for Love Birds... Couture Love Birds to be specific! And by some miracle, I came across Anne Wood. Ann lives in Brooklyn, New York and creates the sweetest little treasures I have seen in a long time! She works with mostly found, and salvaged materials, many of them vintage or antique garments. There is a kind of affection and tenderness in the re-use and re-purposing of things that were once personal and perhaps treasured possessions.
Much of her inspiration comes from these materials as well as from many of the ideas she has been infatuated with her whole life : smallness, intricacies, miniaturization, collections, repetition; lost or abandoned things discovered and rescued; the idea of haunted and enchanted places, things and creatures; the setting of a tiny stage.
I have been looking for something in an "antique cake topper" for my own wedding and have been asked numerous times where to find them. The truth is, they are kind of hard to find. Let me clarify... GOOD ONES are hard to find! There are tons of them on ebay but the quality is less than par. The figures don't even look real in most cases. But, I will continue to look and pray that I come across a place to find them someday... But, in the meantime, I have found a solution that is sure to impress even the most imaginative bride!
I wanted something DIFFERENT and I love that Ann uses re-purposed items and vintage fabrics to adorn the birds... They are just so dainty and pretty... Don't you think??? They encompass old Hollywood, antique, vintage, fashion forward and so many other looks...

This pair is my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE! Their names are Anna and Lars and they truly are THE PERFECT PAIR!!!

This one is Sylvia the Ballerina. I personally think she would make a PRECIOUS bride too! She just needs a boy to go with her! I LOVE her crown!!! She also would be precious on top of a little girls birthday cake!!! A pale pink tiered cake with this little angel on top! SOOOO SWEET!!!

Here are some of her other birds... They are just too cute!!! You could use any of these for your cake topper! Just choose the colors you want...

How about these little precious darlings.... SOOO CUTE!!!

My other idea was to place them in a paper mache sail boat. Anne makes these too!! They are incredible! So, put the love birds in the sail boat and have Anne make you either a flag or a sail that reads, "Our Ship Has Come In..."

See.... Isn't it cute!!! I LOVE IT!!!

Just consider these as an alternative to the ever so popular Monogram, floral arrangement or couple placed on top of your cake... You will surprise your guests and leave them talking about the precious love birds that were on top of your cake... Don't be surprised if you see them on mine! I can't stop thinking about them!!!
Until next time...

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