January 11, 2010

"The Blushing Bride" - Blush and Mauve

Well, it's the second full week of January and 2010 and I have to be honest... I am DYING for SPRING to be here! For those of us who live in Phoenix, we are getting a little taste of SPRING right now. The temperature for the past 7 days has been above 70 degrees. So, while those of you pretty much everywhere else are freezing your little tootsies off, we are enjoying outdoor walks, outdoor shopping, outdoor dining and cocktailing etc. So, of course, I am longing for all things SPRING! Beautiful colors, spring dresses, pedicures that people actually see and most of all beautiful flowers and fresh green grass!

Thinking about all the great colors of spring, I was inspired for a week of posts! I am going to focus this week on COLOR: 5 DAYS OF COLOR!!! Each day, I will feature a new color palate that I am seeing lots of! They are all really fun and can go either the "traditional route" or down the road of "ultra modern." So, join me this week on a journey to Spring - or just a journey to see some great new color combos to consider for your next wedding or event...

"Classic Blush and Mauve"

This is a great little story board of a Blush and Mauve wedding. Loved what I saw so I thought I would share it with you! The blush lamour linen is gorgeous...

I LOVE the blush sugar dusted champagne flutes! SOOOO SWEET! I would have probably put more of a Rose champagne in the glass. Also I would have dropped some raspberries in the glass too!

This bouquet is out of this world! SO GORGEOUS with the orchids and roses and calla lilies.

This is so precious! I just love the simplicity of this. I do menu cards often for my clients. I am able to design, print and assemble them. I love it! I just think it is such a nice touch and adds such a nice visual element to the tables...

What a cake!!! So simple yet so classic and gorgeous! Again, like the cakes I have shown on prior posts, you could put any flower on this cake... It would be beautiful without it too. The cake stand just makes it too. I recommend searching on http://www.etsy.com/ for a great cake stand. For those of you who are not familiar with Etsy, you have to check it out. Be prepared though... It is COMPLETELY addicting! You will be searching for hours! It is a marketplace for crafty people to sell the items they make or find. You can search for items that are specifically "handmade" or just search "all items." I have bought many things on Etsy and absolutely love it! So, find something really cute and out of the ordinary... There's nothing better than a great find that will make your wedding or event that much more personal...

They may look like cotton candy puffs, but they are actually lighter-than-air football mums. Sooooo cute! LOVE THEM!!! This could also be done with pink carnations... See post from Friday if you are questioning the recommendation that I just made to use carnations... YES! YES!!! I am a member of "Team CARNATION!"

This is adorable! I know the bridesmaids dresses are really really pink but it looks so cute! So sweet! So refreshing and vibrant! I love it!!!

"Modern Blush and Mauve"

This is a really really cute Story Board too for Blush and Mauve 0 Love all the little details...

This is BEAUTIFUL!!! If I received an invitation like this to a wedding, I would be SOOOO EXCITED! It is so elegant and different! Definitely sets the tone for an unbelievable event!

And imagine if you attended this event and the bride walked down the aisle carrying a bouquet that looked like this... WOW!!! Spectacular!!!

And... Imagine if you were sitting at a wedding waiting for the Bride to grace the crowd with her gorgeous gown and she appeared in a BLUSH GOWN! Now, that is BRAVE! I love it! What woman doesn't look gorgeous in pink??? Just consider it please... It could be quite stunning!!!

Alright... Alright... If you aren't brave enough to adorn the Blush Wedding Gown, maybe you can just have this little treasure tucked under your dress... These are absolutely too cute!!! How sweet! HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to Bagley Mischka to designing what might be the sweetest wedding shoe ever!!! This is called the "Chaz Heel" and is priced very reasonably for how chic it is at $199.00... LOVE IT! LOVE IT! LOVE IT!!!

Using a Lamp as a centerpiece has become hugely popular. It creates a little challenge in the power department because they have to be plugged in and the cords have to remain inconspicuous... But, if you can pull it off, it really is spectacular! These are gorgeous! Love how they used a hollow lamp base and filled it with water and flowers... What a sight when you come into the room!
So, I hope you enjoyed seeing some great ideas for a "Blush and Mauve" event! I think it is a great color palate because it is not overpowering and can be done either in a modern application or at a classic affair. It is very sweet and charming and definitely creates an ambiance of LOVE!!! Tomorrow, we will look at "Precious Metals" as a color palate!!! Gunmetal, Gold and Platinum!!!

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