January 12, 2010

Precious Metals - Like a marriage, they stand the test of time!

A precious metal is a rare, naturally occurring metallic chemical element of high economic value - kind of like a marriage!!! Besides the relationship between a parent and a child, it is the strongest bond between two people!

Both Gold and Silver have been dominant color palate's for a wide variety of events from weddings to fundraisers and from birthday celebrations to wedding and baby showers. It is incredibly elegant and has remained strong as a front runner in the fashion industry. Thus, it has remained a safe haven for brides to create a rich ambiance of love and romance for their nuptials... However, brides in the 21st Century are becoming quite brave! They love the precious metals but are venturing away from gold and silver and utilizing other precious metals for their color palates. Gunmetal and Copper are two new colors I am seeing EVERYWHERE! I am seeing it in fashion, in jewelry, in handbags, in shoes, etc. Therefore, we are now seeing it in weddings. I am seeing linen companies across the United States developing new linen patterns and colors to accommodate these trends - and just for the record - I LOVE IT! The colors are INCREDIBLE! They are easily intermixed with other colors or can simply stand on their own!

So, today I am going to show you some incredible events that are featuring "Precious Metals" as their color palates. I think you will love it! There are some really great ideas out there! Have fun!!!

I like to call this palate "Silver Belle's" - so cute! "Gracie Jacquard" is the linen in the center and is available from BBJ Linen. The coordinating linens are Ivory Lamour and Silver Lamour. I have seen this linen in person and it is absolutely gorgeous. So elegant and rich! I love it for a more traditional "Silver Belle" wedding. It can definitely go more modern and could be featured with the candelabras that I have shown below but I prefer them in a more traditional application...

Who doesn't love ANYTHING dripped in crystals??? This is incredible! I have seen this in many many applications. I have seen it at ceremonies as a wedding arch, as a centerpiece for the place cards table, a backdrop for pictures, as centerpieces on each table, hanging from the ceiling above a wedding cake and hanging above the dance floor (GORGEOUS)!!! This is a VERY EASY way to really dress up a wedding! Add candlelight and you have GLAMOUR and GLITZ to the MAX!!!

These clear silver beaded chargers are gorgeous! I love these! They are worth EVERY PENNY to rent them! They make a HUGE statement! The napkin should be ordered in a coordinating color that is an accent to the table linens and should be folded vertically narrow and placed directly underneath the charger. The menu card cut to fit on the center of the charger is also a really really nice touch! I use these a lot! I am able to print them for brides... If you are interested, let me know...

These might be the cutest chair covers I have ever seen! I absolutely LOVE THEM!!! They took a piece of gold organza ribbon and tied it at the seam and tucked little white rosebuds into it. ADORABLE!!! What a statement!!!

You could also just use silver chivari chairs... Those are available pretty much anywhere.

Look at this platinum wedding gown. It is really subtle but stunning! I love it!!!

Ok... This is a more modern approach to a "Silver Belle" Wedding... But it is really stunning! I love it! This would be EXTREMELY ECONOMICAL but would still have a HUGE impact! I have done something really similar and it was extremely cost effective. If you wanted to do linens on the table, you could use the linens I showed you above and they would be gorgeous with this! Also, maybe incorporate the clear silver ball chargers... WOW!!!

You could also do something like this in big bunches across the table. This would be quite a bit more expensive only because the candelabras are expensive. I have yet to find a really cheap place to order them but have no fear - I will continue to look!!!

This is a great story board for a "Silver Belle" wedding! I love the Bridesmaid's dress... So cute! Also, the big statement necklace would be gorgeous with a wedding gown! LOVE THAT TOO!

This is a great one too! I mainly just love the cake! It is too sweet!!!

Ok... I love all of this!!! Love the shoe, love the platinum cake, love the flowers and the chandelier, love the men's suit and the bridesmaids dress and LOVE the platinum and white striped tablecloths! GORGEOUS!!!

This is really sweet too! I love their dresses and the little pop of color with the yellow bouquets!

This is great too! How happy would your groom be that you are letting him wear a suit instead o a tux!!! And the accent of the silver double-faced satin ribbon on your dress that matches his suit is fantastic too! LOVE THAT!!!

And if you are super brave... YOU ARE A PLATINUM BRIDE!!! WHOO HOO!!!

ALL I CAN SAY IS WOW!!!! This linen is from one of my favorites out of California - La Tavola! It's a new company and I LOVE IT! They have absolutely jaw-dropping linens. They have unbelievable patterns, textures and colors! This is their Ottoman Spice Linen! UGH! UNBELIEVABLE!!!

Here it is in an actual application! DON'T BE SCARED!!! TAKE SOME COLOR RISKS!!! It will be well worth it and your guests will talk about it forever!!!

Could be fun to use copper throughout everything including your invitations... I am going to have to do more research on copper invitations... I didn't find very many good ones!!! Might have to design some of my own! :)

Not sure if your bridesmaids would approve but I think it is really really fun! Just consider it... I think it would be AWESOME! And what a great color!!!

Ok... If you aren't brave enough to use the Copper Linen, but a pretty chocolate brown linen down and then accent with this gorgeous Copper Charger! FANTASTIC!!!

This is a great story board too! The bridesmaids dress is FANTASTIC! I think you should look for it Jess!!! :)

Love this one too! Love the bridesmaids dress, the brooch and LOVE LOVE LOVE the wedding program tied with a big copper double-faced satin bow!!! GORGEOUS!!!

OH MY GOSH!!! THIS CAKE IS ONE OF THOSE SHOW-STOPPERS FOR ME! I don't get BLOWN AWAY by that many things but I was absolutely blown away by this cake! WOW!!! This is absolutely incredible. This cake can just stand on its own and would be gorgeous with a BIG copper initial sitting on top of it! WOW! WOW! WOW! I honestly cannot believe this cake!!! WOW!

"Gold Rush" is a gorgeous rich color palate for a wedding. It is totally timeless and can definitely go traditional or modern! Of course, GOLD is my FAVORITE color so I am somewhat partial! I love it when it is mixed with color and I love it just on its own!
This tall centerpiece was filled with gold pebbles and was just filled with white hydrangeas! So simple yet absolutely gorgeous. The place cards alternate colors and were printed in gold on white card stock and in white on gold card stock. LOVE IT!!! There were frosted votives in between the place cards. STUNNING! The candlelight and the gold is incredible!!!

And... Of course, who doesn't LOVE a chandelier! BEAUTIFUL! You could hang these from trees, from the ceiling throughout the room, from a tent... Or anywhere really!

This would be gorgeous as a ceremony location. You could do tall candles on the ground in the fireplace and all the way up the aisle! BEAUTIFUL!!!

WOW!!! Another jaw-dropper from the GREAT La Tavola Linen!!! This is the Alencon Lace in Ivory! WOW! WOW! WOW!!! With gold, this is show-stopping! I have been looking for a good lace table linen for weddings and La Tavola has finally pulled it off! I was almost to the point of asking Joan to go on a mission to find them for me or have them made but alas! Seek and you will find! YAY! The lace could be used so many different ways but I am showing it in a more traditional application today! I will do a whole post another time about using lace in a modern application because I just love it... But, for today, we will just have to live with this!

Here is the clear gold beaded charger! LOVE LOVE LOVE this too!

How fun to do a fun signature cocktail... Serve it in a martini glass that has a gold sugar rim. It is beautiful! Find a great gold tray and rock it! They have great inexpensive gold trays at Target, Pottery Barn and Crate and Barrel.... Or, what did we learn about yesterday... WWW.ETSY.COM!!!

What a precious cake!!! I love that it just has a hint of gold... It is soooo sweet!

Love the simplicity of the white tulips too!

This is absolutely STUNNING! Gold Lamour Tablecloths with low centerpieces that run the entire length of the table! WOW!!! The gold chivari chairs are a nice touch too!

This is a darling bridesmaids dress! I love it!!! SO SIMPLE but so elegant!!!

As we all know, Carrie was gifted the most beautiful Vivian Westwood gown because Vivian said, "It belonged to her!" And that it did! Gold looks good on just about everyone... It compliments almost all skintones and is just so rich and timeless! Consider getting a gown with a hint of gold or champagne in it... You will be so happy when you get your proofs back from your photographer because you will have a gorgeous glow!

And... again, if you aren't brave enough to grace your guests with a gold gown, simply try a pair of great gold shoes!!!

I hope you have enjoyed "Precious Metals!" Again, I was surprised to find such interesting things! I have always been a "precious metals" kind of girl but I love them even more now! I hope you are feeling more and more brave to experiment with color... Three more days! Tomorrow, we will be looking at "Peacock!" GET READY!!!

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