January 13, 2010

"Birds of a Feather - AREN'T AFRAID OF COLOR!!!"

I am so sorry I missed all of you yesterday! The day totally got away from me and my blogging got missed. I had all my pictures loaded but birthday celebrations were on the agenda last night and I just didn't get the time to sit down and type all the funny commentary I KNOW you all just love reading! :) So, I will be blogging twice today! YAY!!! Isn't that so much better??? TWO POSTS to look forward to!

So, today we are looking at a "Peacock" color palate! The colors are really bright but really are so rich and royal. The feathers of the peacock are composed of many colors, including Crescent sheen's of bright blue and green. The shimmering color of the peacock feather is due to a phenomena known as interference. Each feather consists of tiny flat flat branches. When light shines on the feather, we see thousands of glimmering colored spots, each caused by minuscule bowl-shaped indentations. This same principle is also responsible for vibrant shimmering colors of butterflies, pheasants, birds of paradise and humming birds. I just think the colors are gorgeous! The colors on their own are amazing but its also a lot of fun to pop in some other bright colors like a fuchsia pink, maybe a yellow or an orange and DEFINITELY OF COURSE - GOLD!!! I found lots of great inspirations for the "Peacock" color palate! So, take a look! It's a lot I know, but I can promise you if you are willing to take the risk with the bright colors, you will not be sorry! Your photographs will be UNBELIEVABLE!!!

This is a more subtle peacock palate. Ivory Tablecloths were used along with a chocolate runner. Then, they popped in the peacock with peacock blue seat cushion covers and frosted glass chargers. It's subtle but really elegant!

This is actually a great idea! A SUPER bright colored aisle runner! It really opens up a space and creates a dramatic entrance for the bride! It also adds lots of color to the room. It looks like this was set in a really big venue that the couple was trying to make look smaller. They draped the perimeter of the room so the bright colored aisle runner added some depth to the big space. They also painted trees on the drapery which creates a great illusion that you are in a forest. It really is cool! I have seen people paint trees and also bring in trees to make an indoor space feel very enchanting! So fun!!!

This is really pretty! It is A LOT of color but very very rich! The iridescent tablecloths with coordinating chair pads is really really pretty! I will tell you... If you are working with a budget for your wedding or event, it is wise to find a great space and rent really spectacular linens as opposed to spending a lot of money on flowers. Take these tables for instance... They ordered great linens and chivari chairs with coordinating chair pads and hardly did any flowers at all. All the centerpieces are is peacock feathers and two votives. Look how amazing that room looks! WOW! See, you don't have to spend thousands on flowers!!!

See... Here is something else you can do to really economize! This is good with any theme! Buy tall thin vases and put them in a grouping on a table, a credenza, a bar... ANYWHERE! Fill them with water and add food coloring. SOOO COOL!!! AND SOOOO CHEAP!!! Place lots and lots of votives all around them and you have quite an eye catcher! Try it! You will love it! And you will love the cost too! The best part is if you can get great vases, you can reuse them over and over and over again and just change the color to appropriately match the event you are doing. So fun!

This is a slight variation to the peacock but I think it is GORGEOUS! SO ELEGANT AND ROYAL! A cobalt blue tablecloth with clear glass gold beaded chargers with gold napkins and a tin of tea at each place setting! LOVE IT! Then, we have that pop of color we talked about earlier that just gives it just the perfect little extra spice!

Now this goes to the other extreme! They ordered elaborate linens with flowers sewn to the top of them and did a lot of flowers! But, it's pretty impressive! WOW!

GREAT place cards table right!!! SO COOL!

This is a lot of fun too! Just that extra color! SO GREAT!!!

Now, onto cakes! This was quite a task! There are not many peacock cakes photographed out there! Not surprising I guess only because it is a little much. I thought I would just show you what I found and let you make your own call on this one. I am not sure I love this one but I think its kind of interesting... I have to say I think that I prefer the others where a simple cake was utilized and the peacock feathers were just used as an accent on or behind the cake table... Your thoughts??? Please share...

This is amazing! WOW! I think this is a great way to run your peacock palate through the cake without it being too crazy! What a eye-catcher in the room!!!

This could work too! Really regal! LOVE IT!!!

Now... Unlike the "peacock" wedding cake that is really hard to find, there is an abundance of "peacock" wedding invitations! Thank goodness they are really cute too! Take a look! This is nice! Very classy and simple. It's subtle... I like it!

This is impressive! I think these are hand painted! WOW!!! I love them!!! So ELEGANT!!! And how special to have your invitations hand painted??? Maybe you have a friend who is an artist that would hand paint your invitations as your wedding gift... I would recommend printing them first and / or have the calligraphy done before the painting. TRUST ME! I have learned this lesson through a great disaster...

This is a lot of fun too! LOVE IT!

This too! Really elegant with the peacock feather on the invitation...

Love this too! So much fun!

This is a great little touch of Peacock for the bride! You know I always have to show you a great shoe with every post! It's just too much fun!

This is a great boutonniere! Dress your groom and groomsmen in navy blue suits with a great blue shirt and tie and then adorn their gorgeous suits with this beautiful peacock feather boutonniere! LOVE IT!!!

And dress your bridesmaids in shades of peacock! If you are so inclined, allow them to pick the style that best suits their body type! See... It looks really cute in photographs! I love it! Plus, there's nothing better than a happy bridesmaid!

Here are some great options for bridesmaids dresses in the peacock palate! So cute! And what great colors!!!

For a more muted peacock bridesmaids dress, you can consider this new bridesmaids dress available through J Crew! It has an adorable knot on the front of it. It is flattering on everyone and is made of taffeta. It is a great fabric for weddings because it is really thick and holds up really well for a long wearing time... They are going to be in those dresses for quite a while!

It's the shoe that Mr. Big used to propose to Carrie on Sex and the City! So gorgeous! Of course, my favorite! Manolo Blahnik! This shoe came out in the fall of 2008 just after the movie was released at Neimans and sold out faster than you would believe! It is available again this season and is being featured in some new shades... But seriously, you have to have something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue! So, why not dress up your pretty little tootsies in this GORGEOUS SHOE! Plus, its a cost savings... You can knock out two needs - Something new and something blue! :) RIGHT???

Here's a great story board of a peacock wedding. See... They liked the shoe too! This is a more clear depiction of the true color anyways... Just had to share it with you! LOVE IT ALL!

This one is REALLY PRETTY too! Love the peacock feathers under the charger! Love all the gold accents! SO RICH AND ROYAL!!! And the invitation is SPECTACULAR!!!

Love this one too! This bride chose the gorgeous Christian Louboutin shoe in Peacock! ADORABLE!!!

I hope you have enjoying the peacock color palate! I think it is a lot but I do love it! I think it would make quite a statement! There will be tons of variations to this palate adding color and taking color away. The peacock is a gorgeous bird with quite an alluring quality. Why not incorporate that into your wedding day... Could be fun! Later this afternoon I will be back with the blog for today - Lavender, Eggplant and Chartreuse... It's going to be fun!!!

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  1. Adorable peacock theme ideas. Really loved it and will use these ideas in planning my small family gathering at one of local New York venues. The peacock flower bouquets will be there as centerpiece in party as it is looking so beautiful.