February 23, 2010


Ok... my faithful readers... This week's posts might be a little shorter than usual and for that I AM SOOOOO SORRY! I am in the middle of moving and things are CRAZY! Of course, this is something I look forward to doing every day so I have to at least take a little time to share with you! I just won't be able to run on about the things I "love" and think are "GORGEOUS!!! But, maybe that's for the better... I know... I get soooo PASSIONATE about this stuff! But, that's just me and hopefully you all LOVE IT too!
Today, I had to pull some ideas for interesting bouquets... Something that was a little out of the ordinary but still enchanting and beautiful! So, Martha Stewart.com is featuring 50 beautiful bouquets... I went through them all and these are the 10 BEST I found! They are all beautiful! I hope you enjoy them...

I love the pale pink Anemone's in this bouquet... So sweet but still a bit modern!

This one is gorgeous too!!!

WOW!!! For a Spring or Fall wedding... The pinks and orange in this are spectacular!

Ohhhhhhh.... PEONIES!!! I LOVE THIS!!!

This is really really interesting to me! I really like the shells!!!

Oh gosh... I love the shades of purple!!! SO REGAL!!!

These tulips are spectacular!!!

I love this too! I LOVE LOVE LOVE accenting bouquets with great ribbon!!! SERIOUSLY!!! It is so much fun!

I absolutely love how traditional this is! LOVE THE PEONIES mixed with the roses!!!

This is almost angelic!!! GORGEOUS!!!

I hope these bouquets put a smile to your face... Until next time...

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