February 22, 2010

Take a seat... Unusual seating options for a Wedding Ceremony

Happy Monday everyone! I hope everyone had a nice weekend! It rained in AZ almost the whole weekend so it was kind of a lazy snuggly weekend... I talked to a client today who is getting married in November and wants to have some non-traditional seating. So, I was looking for some ideas for her today and found some pretty cool ideas... I know we all love the gorgeous chivari chairs but why not come up with something a little different... You all know I love nothing more than surprising guests when they arrive to an event! Something out of the ordinary for seating is sure to do this! Here are some fun ideas I sent her way...

I love this... I would probably do some sort of color on the barrels of hay but the white is so fresh and organic! I would also consider using a great ribbon too - maybe something with stripes... It would be adorable with a sage green fabric and a black and white striped ribbon... LOVE IT!

This is A LOT of fun too! We wanted to do this for Pete and Melissa's wedding in Aruba but they don't have ANY rental companies that have these down there... Plus, you need a pretty big spread of beach to set this up! But, what a sight... SOOOO GREAT!!!

I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this!!! How fun and intimate!!! You could use colored cushions too... Or stick with the white and maybe accent with bright colored pillows on the benches!

This is also super romantic! I love the cushions with the colored fans and the pots of orchids to throw as the the processional takes place....

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the intimacy of this for a small wedding!!! This is fantastic!!!

This too! This is beautiful!!!

This was another option we were considering for the Aruba wedding... But having the benches constructed down there was next to impossible! Can't believe that a beach location wouldn't have this as an option! I love it!!!

Anyways, this client is having a backyard wedding and really wants it to be super romantic... So, she is looking at these... We are also looking at the "picnic" pictures I posted a few weeks ago with the big print blankets on the yard with pillows... What do you think??? Have you seen anything really great and want to share it with us??? Email me your ideas... Until next time...

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