February 17, 2010

Short and Sweet!!!

So, today I was doing a little searching and came across this short wedding dress... Now, I don't think I would have ever categorized myself as someone who would like a short wedding dress... I think it's tons of fun when a SUPER FUN bride changes into a short dress for her reception for dancing and a great time, but I don't think I would have ever thought about a short wedding dress for a wedding. Then, I saw this one... Isn't it PRECIOUS??? I think it is soooooo beautiful! So, this darling little number has inspired today's post! I will be showing you THE CUTEST short wedding dresses I could find! There aren't many and the ones that are out there are pretty mediocre! So, these are the best of the best! Tell me what you think... Would you consider a short dress? I mean, seriously... How cute would these be with an adorable pair of shoes peeking out??? I LOVE IT!!!

This is a Justin Alexander gown... I LOVE the color! They call the color ivory with a coffee sash... I just LOVE the detail on the bodice and the dainty skirt that seems to just bounce! It's GORGEOUS!!!

This is a Stephanie James Couture gown... This bride was doing a black and ivory wedding and she adorned it with a black petticoat! SOOOOO CUTE!!!

This is another Stephanie James gown... I love that the bride tied a beautiful 4" double faced satin ribbon around her waist! GORGEOUS!!!

This is another Justin Alexander gown. The little shrug can come off for your reception revealing a DARLING little number!!! LOVE THIS TOO!!!

Another Stephanie James that has a precious pink bow beaded to the bodice of the gown... I LOVE IT! How fun and flirty...

I am not sure who's dress this is but I think it is great! It almost looks vintage!

How about these polka dots??? I am totally a polka dot person....

I just thought it was too cute not to share!

So... a short wedding gown! It is so fun and flirty! I love them!!! I just think they are such a breath of fresh air! Share your comments with me... I want to hear what you all think!

Until next time...

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