February 18, 2010

Unleash your Inner FLORAL DESIGNER!!!

Finding a creative, unique and fun idea for a Wedding Shower, Birthday Party or Bachelorette party is never easy. Of course, you can whip up some brunch items, play some fun games or go to a cutesy little restaurant but why not surprise your guests and your honoree with a SUPER FUN idea! A DIY Flower Arranging 101 party...
Last year, I made a commitment to myself to try to have fresh flowers in my house at least once a month and the best part of this commitment was that I had to make the arrangement myself. I know that most of you are too busy to bring the simple beauty of fresh flowers into their lives. But, it is really quite simple. All you need are a couple of cute vases, some fresh bunches of flowers, a little time and some insider tips to making your creations GORGEOUS!
Every one of us loves fresh flowers!!! I don't care what you say... You know you smile and feel incredibly special when you receive them. Many of you have expressed a concern about the expense of floral arrangements. But, I can assure you there is a solution! We all pass the floral section at the grocery store with mounds of inexpensive flowers every time we go inside but pass them by because we either don't have the time or the creativity to put together a simple arrangement. I thought, why not show people how to gather bunches and create something charming in their home? This class teaches women how to shop for, clean/prepare and arrange flowers! It's brilliant!!!

There are lots of ways you could setup this party!

1. Attendees could bring a vase as a gift to the honoree (Bride, Birthday Girl, etc...) - we never have vases when we need them and this would provide a bunch of cute vases to start a collection! The host would then have to provide vases for the attendees to use and take home. You can find great inexpensive vases from wholesalers online who sell to the public, on www. etsy.com or on ebay... Target has precious vases too!

2. Guests can bring their own vases for the arrangements they create

3. The host can provide a variety of vases for the attendees to use and take home...

See... The options on this are endless!

What’s a party without making it look all cute! Of course, you will have to come up with a really cute way to set this up but this is pretty darn cute! They used packing paper and then drew place mats onto it and wrote the name of each person in attendance creating PRECIOUS little workstations. At each place setting there was an apron, some flower cutting shears and a notepad to take notes all tied together with an ADORABLE bow... You could even make the aprons by using IKEA dish towels... All you have to do is fold over the top and insert a ribbon to tie them on and sew down the fold! They turn out soooooo great!!!

To spice up the party treats and spirits must be present. I would recommend finger foods for sure! Focus on finger sandwiches and petite desserts! Make sure they are ADORABLE cause this is going to be quite a cute party!!!

Look at those aprons!!! FANTASTIC, right???

Now, if you feel skilled enough to teach a class on flower arranging, you could really do the DIY 101 class all on your own. But, my recommendation would be to enlist the help of a florist! Some of the florists I work with are offering a package that you can order that will include all of the flowers and the instruction. They will come to your event, bring all the flowers needed based on the number of attendees you will have and will teach an instructional class on how to create GORGEOUS arrangements along with some great insider tricks of the trade!

Look how cute all of this is... I really think that this would be such a fun party!

Here is the final product!!! Aren't they precious? Everyone was able to create a look that fits their style! And they went home with fresh flowers that look like a floral designer created! LOVE IT!!!
A DIY Flower Arranging Party! SOOOOO MUCH FUN! Let's have one! It would definitely get us all in the spirit of spring! And all your attendees would be talking about it for a long time... What do you think??? Share your thoughts with me! If you are interested in hosting a flower arranging party and would like Simply Social Event Design to help pull it all together, contact us at simplysocialeventdesign@yahoo.com! We can do everything from invitations to flowers, to arranging for vases and instructors, to organizing the catering and decorations! We are simply here to help! Until next time...

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