February 19, 2010

A "Succulent" Wedding

Succulent plants are part of the cacti family! Being from Arizona, these are pretty commonplace to us but those of you from other places might find these incredibly interesting! Stephanie Williams Photography photographed this wedding for Julie and Patrick in Joshua Tree, just minutes from the Joshua Tree National Park... So, being in the desert, how appropriate to use succulents as the flower!
Being a native from Arizona, flowers in the hot months are quite difficult! The heat is so intense that after hours of exposure, they are wilted and tired! Succulents are very easy to find in AZ and are OFTEN overlooked as a great choice for a wedding flower. They are a plant that naturally retains water and remains looking gorgeous for a very long time. So, please tell me why we don't use these more often for weddings! Plus, they can be reused as opposed to THROWING THEM OUT at the end of the night! So, today I found some great looks to consider!
Take a look...

This bouquet is incredible!!! I LOVE IT! For those of us from Arizona, wouldn't this be AWESOME!!!
And how about this succulent in her hair??? SOOOOO COOL!!!

Aren't these tables gorgeous??? I love that they pieced together different varieties of succulents in different containers! It is so visually interesting and would create such great conversation at the table! I love it! It's rustic yet modern!!!

I love these! The best part is you can take them home with you and decorate your home as a newly married couple with these planters full of easy to care for succulents! Every time you water them and look at them, you will think of your special day!

Here is another great example of some succulents mixed with orchids! Isn't it interesting??? SOOOOO PRETTY!

These potted succulent favors are the perfect gift for your guests to take home! The endurance of the succulent plant is unequaled -- all they need is good drainage and sun. Just like your everlasting commitment of love you have just made in front of your guest, the succulent you send home with them will be a long lasting and easy to care for reminder of your special day!

Here you see succulents mixed with other flowers to create a dramatic centerpiece that can be set in various different locations. I would recommend planting these in a rustic concrete or wax container like the one shown!

So, what do you think??? Do you like them??? Have a fantastic weekend! It's a sunny 77 degrees in Phoenix today! I am headed out for the weekend! Until next time...

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